The Jack Benny 39-cent stamp Campaign

So what's the latest on the Jack Benny stamp campaign?

(4/28/07)  Stamp prices are going up to 41 cents next month.  Thanks to everyone for your support!

(12/10/06) In November, the U.S. Post Office published its stamps for 2007.  While these included Jack's friend and frequent TV guest star Jimmy Stewart, Jack was not among them.  There has been a proposal to raise postal rates to 42 cents pending before the Postal Rate Commission since May, 2006.  With the recently-reported increase in costs due to rising fuel prices, it is likely that the increase to 42 cents will occur by 2008.

Is it still possible that Jack could be on a 39-cent stamp?  Yes, if the proposed rate increase is delayed past the beginning of 2008. So please feel free to continue to write to the Citizens' Stamp Advisory Committee and your Congresspeople (see the line below) to support the stamp.  We will continue to monitor the Postal News for rate updates. 

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