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Why it's important to the Jack Benny stamp campaign:  The Citizens' Stamp Advisory Committee gets up to 50,000 suggestions for stamps per year.  Being able to show the number of people who support a stamp makes a recommendation more compelling, and we appreciate your support thus far!  Having advocates among the influential people in Washington insures that the stamp support message gets to the all the right people who can accelerate the process of making this happen.

Sample letter (cut and paste as desired)

Dear Senator/Representative (name):

I support the issuance of a Jack Benny stamp to celebrate the legacy of laughter of one of the 20th century's most legendary comedians.  Jack Benny was known for being perennially 39 years old, a claim adopted by many of his fans.  With the upcoming stamp price increase to 39 cents, this is the perfect time to commemorate Mr. Benny's contribution to American culture.

Jack Benny was active through sixty years and four eras of American entertainment:  vaudeville, motion pictures, radio, and television.  His warm, gentle humor has made tens of millions laugh, and continues to inspire new fans with its timelessness.  Jack was a World War I veteran, and entertained American troops overseas through World War II and Korea.  He was also recently selected as one of Variety's 100 Icons of the 20th Century and included in the Comedy Channel's top 30 comedians of all time.

We need your support.
Stamps go to 39 cents on January 8, 2006, and there is no guarantee of how long they will stay at this price.  We need your help to insure that the Citizens' Stamp Advisory Committee entertains and approves this recommendation as soon as possible.  Please contact Ron Robinson, Chairman of the Citizens' Stamp Advisory Committee, to voice your support and urge them to approve a Jack Benny stamp as soon as possible.

Thank you in advance for your consideration and support.


(Your name)