The Jack Benny Stamp Rallying Call?

I've noticed that people are starting to get the muse from the Jack Benny 39-cent stamp campaign, and are contributing catchy slogans and poems about it.  Got the muse?  You don't need to wait for the caption contest...E-mail them to me at and I'll post them here!

From Robert Howe:

JACK:    "Oh Don?" 

DON:    Yes Jack? 

JACK: There's going to be a new stamp with my portrait on it." 

DON:  That's great Jack.  For a change YOU'LL be under MY Thumb. 


From Shelly Jacobs:

Recent conversation heard between . . .

Mr. Benny: You know that proposal to create a 39 cent stamp with my portrait?

Rochester: Yeah boss?

Mr. Benny: To be truthful, don't you think they should make it a 49 cent stamp instead?

Rochester: But boss, the idea behind it is to commemorate your actual annual birthday.

Mr. Benny: Yes, yes I know all that! It will still be a 39 cent stamp.

Rochester: Boss, how can a 49 cent stamp also be a 39 cent stamp at the same time?

Mr. Benny: That's easy. 39 cents for postage . . . and 10 cents for my commission!

From the Savannah Morning News (11/28/05):

"I heard there is a campaign for the new 39-cent stamp to have Jack Benny's picture on it. He was 39 forever. Does that mean that the stamp is going to stay 39 cents?"

From Dr. K.J. Miller (from the U.K. "Blimey, a Limey!"):

Jack Benny on a 39. You know it makes cents.

A 40 cent stamp for 39! That's what I call a Special.

From F.R. Duplantier (

If you think all the stamp hikes too many
And wish not to pay one more penny,
Then the man to enshrine
On the new Thirty-Nine
Is the comically constant Jack Benny.

From Troy Picklyk, Canada:

A stamp now costs 39,
But where I come from 50,
If the Gang were here they would have raised the price a long time ago brother!

From J. Herrick:

39...and still cheap!