39 Man March Photos

Here are some photos from the march.  Apologies that the majority seem to feature me, but that's what we've got.  Many thanks to Steve Archer and Mike Amowitz for their help in organizing this (and to Steve for taking these photos), and to the folks who participated. 

The marchers gathered by the Washington Monument
(L to R:  Bill Abbott, Bob Smith, Laura Leff, Mike Amowitz)

And the march is on!
(L to R:  Bill Abbott, Laura Leff, Mike Amowitz, Bob Smith, Chicago Tribune photographer
Washington Monument in the background)

We reach the Capitol
(L to R:  Mike Amowitz, Laura Leff)

Laura Leff and Bill Abbott display proclamations from Azusa and Rancho Cucamonga endorsing the stamp
(Anaheim is still thinking it over) while Mike Amowitz holds the sign proudly