Chat January 3, 2021

Rodrigo Araya4:58 PM
Anyone for tennis?4:58Nobody?

kathy_fuller_seeley4:58 PM
howdy, Rodrigo, happy new year!

garth_johnson4:58 PM
Did anything funny happen on the way to the rose bowl?

Rodrigo Araya4:59 PM
Dennis got lost…

kathy_fuller_seeley4:59 PM
well, it depends on whether you partook of Rochester’s egg nog or not

Tom V.4:59 PM
Happy New Year, folks!

garth_johnson4:59 PM
I think the rabbit got all the nog

Rodrigo Araya4:59 PM
Then, the PA at the stadium asked us to go for him…

kathy_fuller_seeley5:00 PM
I have only been to the Rose Bowl for two times for their flea market, and the parking is SO TERRIBLE!!!!! I now understand why Jack was offering space in his driveway

Rodrigo Araya5:01 PM
“We can’t stand any more Irish songs!”5:01(read it in Mel Blanc’s voice)

Neil Ottenstein5:01 PM
Happy New Year!

kathy_fuller_seeley5:01 PM
you know, too much Dennis makes me long for Kenny and “Begin the Beguine” haha

Rodrigo Araya5:02 PM
I find Dennis way funnier, yet I like Kenny’s singing a little bit better.

garth_johnson5:02 PM
Would whoever started the Beguine stop it!

Rodrigo Araya5:03 PM
Maybe because Kenny didn’t have to mow Jack’s lawn…

kathy_fuller_seeley5:03 PM
I agree with you, Rodrigo! Kenny’s not much of a comic actor, and Jack worked wonders to help Dennis shine (the ability to imitate folks helped, as did his innocence)

garth_johnson5:03 PM
That’s why he got two shows!

kathy_fuller_seeley5:03 PM
best “Begin the Beguine” on Jack’s show is the harmonica version by Larry Adler, imho

garth_johnson5:04 PM
Says the Adlerpated person.

kathy_fuller_seeley5:04 PM
hahaha Garth!

Rodrigo Araya5:05 PM
JACK: Dennis, what did I pay you when you first started?
DENNIS: Thirty dollars a week.
JACK: And what am I paying you a week now?
DENNIS: Thirty-five dollars.

Doug Kiser5:05 PM
I have not heard from you people since LAST year!  HNY to all!,,

kathy_fuller_seeley5:05 PM
Kenny on Fred Allen’s show is kind of painful, again imho

garth_johnson5:06 PM
KB was tying to be a Hollywood star

Rodrigo Araya5:06 PM
“For four years, Kenny worked for Benny until he learned what money was…”

kathy_fuller_seeley5:06 PM
has anyone come up with a good idea for contributing to Laura’s Benny-palooza in February?

garth_johnson5:07 PM
No — but that hasn’t stopped me before

kathy_fuller_seeley5:07 PM
Panel: “Trashing Kenny Baker: 80 years and going strong”

Rodrigo Araya5:08 PM
Panel: “Gasman: The True Story”

garth_johnson5:08 PM
“Hair-y” Conn or why I don’t look in the mirror much!

kathy_fuller_seeley5:08 PM
Panel: “Finding the Gasman, After 80 years, a word from PG&E”5:08Panel: “What makes a “true” Benny fan?”5:09Panel: Benny: Better on TV than radio?

Rodrigo Araya5:09 PM
The last one sounds actually good.

kathy_fuller_seeley5:09 PM
Panel: Stewing over the Chicken Sisters…with gravy5:10Panel: Worst imitations of Jack Benny by other comics

Rodrigo Araya5:10 PM
Panel: What boarders to avoid

garth_johnson5:11 PM
Fairy Dust – or how to banish the blues!

Rodrigo Araya5:11 PM
Panel: What to Do with Extravagant Pets?

kathy_fuller_seeley5:12 PM
Panel: “Worst” guests on the Benn program, I nominate Rita Hayworth for her extreme nervousness

Rodrigo Araya5:12 PM
Panel: How many jobs did Frank Nelson have?

kathy_fuller_seeley5:13 PM
Rodrigo that is a great question re: Frank Nelson!!!

garth_johnson5:14 PM
Cracking the U.C.L.A. Vault – or how to get more Benny for our bucks!

kathy_fuller_seeley5:14 PM
how about worst use of Jack Benny on other performer’s shows? Eddie Cantor’s and Groucho’s shows in the 40s would be in my top five….5:15WOW Garth, how I wish we could get into UCLA’s vaults! Most of them are offsite, if that helps your “Mission Impossible” or “Ocean’s Eleven” plots

Rodrigo Araya5:16 PM
Most obscure Benny show castmembers (aside from Michael Bartlett and perhaps Ted Weems)5:18Panel: Phil Harris’ Corniest Moments

garth_johnson5:20 PM
“Name That Tune” with Frankie Remley

kathy_fuller_seeley5:21 PM
hey folks, I need to go rescue dinner from the oven. I look forward to contributing to a great Benny-palooza!  I hope with Barbara’s scrapbooks and her oral history of creating them……

garth_johnson5:23 PM
Dinner – The one thing I hate cutting back on during my post-holiday diet — at least this year I just have to loose 5 pounds.

Rodrigo Araya5:23 PM
Say, that “Name That Tune” thing sounds good, considering the fact many of the band numbers went uncredited.

garth_johnson5:24 PM
Problem is the answer will always be “Piano.”

Rodrigo Araya5:25 PM
Okay, cut Remley some slack. He spent three months in jail for stealing a cow…5:25That’s why Philsie had to play in Texas during the summer.

garth_johnson5:26 PM

1961 – Dennis Day with Frank Remley

Rodrigo Araya5:26 PM
I’d like to hear Sammy the drummer play “Nola” on the bars of his jailcell…

garth_johnson5:27 PM
Problem with the cell bars – the ones with the latch are out of tune!

Rodrigo Araya5:28 PM
Jailhouse Rock before the movie came out…

garth_johnson5:29 PM
More like “Farm House” rock!1957-05-02_-_jb5_-_getty_462787917_nwm_-_jack_benny_hillbilly_show.jpg

1957 – NEW YORK – MAY 2: Frank Remley and Jack Benny dressed for The

 5:31Well Happy new year to all, I’ve just been called … darn telephones!

Rodrigo Araya5:32 PM
Good night.

Tom V.5:32 PM
Good night, folks.  Happy New Benny Year!

Rodrigo Araya5:32 PM
JACK (as Fred): Well, Harry. As the farmer said to the horse thief, where’s my plug?

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