Chat December 27, 2020

Rodrigo Araya4:59 PM
Columbia? Oh, Columbia?

garth_johnson4:59 PM
1934-12-14_-_jb3_-_jptm_ahy-312_jp_-_family_circle_vol_05_no_24_-_jack_benny_cover_photo-a.jpg 4:591934-12-14_-_mag_-_family_circle_-_vol_05_no_24_-_cover_-_jack_benny_as_santa.jpg 

1934 – Family Circle Magazine – Jack Benny
1934 – Family Circle Magazine

Doug Kiser5:00 PM
Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas!

Rodrigo Araya5:00 PM
JACK: Columbia? Have you seen the New Year around here?
MARY: Nope. He’s probably too scared to come out…

Laura Leibowitz5:01 PM
Hi folks!

Rodrigo Araya5:01 PM
Hi, Laura!

garth_johnson5:01 PM
Telegram from Mr. Benny1934-12-27_-_doc_-_source_catalog_-_telegram_jack_to_john_mitchell_mgr_genessee_theater.jpg 

1934 – Telegram – Jack Benny to John Mitchell, Manager of Genessee Theater Waukegan – Greetings to all my Waukegan friends hope you all like Transatlantic Merry Go Round Seasons Greetings – Jack Benny

Laura Leibowitz5:01 PM
Hi Rodrigo!

Tom V.5:01 PM
Good Evening, folks!

Laura Leibowitz5:01 PM
Hi Tom!  Hi Garth!

Rodrigo Araya5:02 PM
I was thinking about Stuart Canin… Will he be too busy in February?

Laura Leibowitz5:02 PM
Hi Doug!5:02Rodrigo – Unlikely with the pandemic.  He confirmed!

Rodrigo Araya5:02 PM

Laura Leibowitz5:02 PM
Yeah, he lives not far from me.

garth_johnson5:03 PM

Rodrigo Araya5:03 PM
We might hear some tidbits about that performance… What a performance! (edited) 

Doug Kiser5:03 PM
Hello Laura

Laura Leibowitz5:04 PM
I think most of you have heard that when I first met him years ago, he met me at the elevator in his building.  When the doors opened, he looked at me and said, “You’re too young to be President of the Jack Benny Fan Club.”  I responded, “Well, to me you’re still ten years old!”

garth_johnson5:04 PM

1940 – Fred Allens Gift To Boy Violinist

Laura Leibowitz5:04 PM
That isn’t Stuart, is it?

garth_johnson5:05 PM

1940 – Fred Allens Gift To Boy Violinist

Rodrigo Araya5:05 PM
Actually, he appeared in a 1940 Texaco Star Theater…

Laura Leibowitz5:05 PM
Well, I’ll be!

garth_johnson5:05 PM
This is the second time with Fred – when he got some jack from Jack (and fred)

Neil Ottenstein5:05 PM

Laura Leibowitz5:05 PM
That’s right!

Neil Ottenstein5:05 PM
Good evening

Laura Leibowitz5:05 PM
Hi Neil!5:06So how is everyone tonight?

Neil Ottenstein5:06 PM
Hello everyone

Rodrigo Araya5:06 PM
Fine around here. With a little case of a heat wave…

garth_johnson5:06 PM
I’m re-visiting the Turkey that didn’t get away!

Laura Leibowitz5:07 PM
Garth – Istanbul?

Neil Ottenstein5:07 PM
It is a bit cooler here.  It was 26 deg F when I went for my morning walk.

garth_johnson5:07 PM
You were expecting Constantinople?

Laura Leibowitz5:07 PM
Garth – I was wondering who was going to say Constantinople first.

garth_johnson5:07 PM
It’s nobody’s problem but the Turks!

Laura Leibowitz5:08 PM
Neil – Yikes.  I’ve gone soft since I moved to California.5:08Garth – Thanks Frank. I knew you’d get that tie-in.

Neil Ottenstein5:08 PM
Luckily there was hardly any wind.

Laura Leibowitz5:08 PM
Neil – That is fortunate.  How much snow?

Neil Ottenstein5:09 PM
No snow here in this part of Maryland.  We got a few flurries on Christmas Day, but no covering (edited) 

Rodrigo Araya5:09 PM
Speaking of turkeys… I listened to that turkey of a “Turkey Dream”. The first time Mel Blanc played the train station man (or at least, an early version of it).

garth_johnson5:09 PM
The igloo got a temporary refurbishment — but It rained today so it’s all back to normal:stuck_out_tongue:1

Laura Leibowitz5:10 PM
Rodrigo – Remind me.  I think they’d done that gag previously (looking it up)

Rodrigo Araya5:10 PM
The November 1943 episode where Jack buys a live turkey (and not an ostrich as it happened four years earlier…).5:12Mel did his bit during the dream, some 22 minutes into the program.

Laura Leibowitz5:13 PM
Actually, you’re right.5:13The first Anaheim… was 1/7/45.5:13And George Balzer was a new writer getting his chops for the 1943 Thanksgiving show.

Rodrigo Araya5:14 PM
Speaking of Mel, I also saw the 1957 Christmas Shopping show…5:14“Now what? NOW WHAT?!”5:14“Poor fellow… Had a whole life to live…”

Laura Leibowitz5:15 PM
Someone had programmed that as their ring tone (now what) a while back.  I kind of wondered how Mel Blanc yelling was received by others.

Rodrigo Araya5:15 PM
If you want a suffering sourpuss, why not having him voiced by Mel Blanc?

Laura Leibowitz5:16 PM
You could do worse!5:17Hey folks, I’ve been doing a substantial amount of heavy lifting this afternoon (Facebook friends have seen the photos) and now having sat down to the chat, my body is saying (ala Sheldon Leonard) “Uh uh” and wanting me to take a nap.

garth_johnson5:17 PM
Better than ‘Darth Vader’s March’ for when the boss calls

Rodrigo Araya5:17 PM
“Oh, Monsieur Benny. Can I get a higher fee? Look at me! I’m in rags!”

Neil Ottenstein5:17 PM
the rest of the family have finished the game they were playing before dinner and are now going to start something new.  So, I am going to join them this time.

Laura Leibowitz5:18 PM
So please keep going…I apologize that my need for rest has overshadowed the happy hour!

Neil Ottenstein5:18 PM
see you next week

Laura Leibowitz5:18 PM
Enjoy folks, be well!

garth_johnson5:18 PM
Say goodby Mr. Finque1955-10-23_-_jb5_-_getty_176638407_nwm_-_jack_and_mel_blanc.jpg 

1955 – LOS ANGELES – OCTOBER 23: Jack Benny and Mel Blanc on THE JACK BENNY SHOW. Image dated October 23, 1955. (CBS via Getty Images)

Rodrigo Araya5:19 PM
Well, folks. What was the most Benny-like dream you had?5:19I once dreamt I was talking with Jack. Imagine that! (edited) 

Doug Kiser5:21 PM
Look at the full pants sure not skinny jeans. lol

Rodrigo Araya5:22 PM
Those tapered trousers were sure comfortable to wear…

garth_johnson5:24 PM
Dreamed I was being annoyed by a couple on the deck chairs beside me — why the Ferry had deck chairs I don’t know1953-09-13_-_jb5_-_source_catalog_-_jack_with_guest_marilyn_monroe_deck_chair_scene-1-a.jpg 

1953 – Actress Marilyn Monroe with comedian Jack Benny on TV show “The Jack Benny Show” 1953

tracy5:24 PM
@maybe not so much a dream, but an allegory. 

Rodrigo Araya5:25 PM
LIND HAYES (as Fred Allen): Well, but it isn’t Benny, who’s sleeping sounder than his audience on Sunday night?

Doug Kiser5:25 PM
Look at the cufflinks on Jack Benny’s shirt.

Tom V.5:27 PM
Admiring the picture and not Jack’s wardrobe! Ha!

garth_johnson5:27 PM
… could be — I was looking for a new tenant at the time

Rodrigo Araya5:29 PM
ROCHESTER: Carmichael. Papa needs a new fur coat for the winter…5:31JACK: Carmichael? Oh, no! How did I get all this white fur?

garth_johnson5:33 PM
Looks like Roch had to dye it to please Mamie.1950-00-00_-_cst_-_getty_187177365_nwm_-_rochester_enjoys_horserace.jpg 

Rodrigo Araya5:35 PM
JACK: C’mon, Rochester! Take that razor down! I’ll give ya a nice raise! And a big new wardrobe!
ROCHESTER: Uh-huh. You’re not Mr. Benny… (edited) 5:36JACK: I’ll convince you I’m not Carmichael… Here’s Phil.

Doug Kiser5:36 PM
Wonder what brand of cigar that is?  Cigars were a big part of old shows.

Rodrigo Araya5:36 PM
PHIL: Hello, Rochester. Hi, Carmichael! Here’s a fish for ya!5:37As late as the 1980s/early 90s it was common for comedians to smoke cigars. Take Letterman on his NBC days, for instance.5:38Probably had to do with the fact smoking was quite commonplace then.

garth_johnson5:41 PM
Haven’t come across any specific brand information for Jack – except inexpensive stogies — but for awhile George and Gracie were sponsored by a cigar company.

1932 – Burns And Allen – General Cigar Show Publicity Photo
1932 – Burns And Allen – General Cigar Show Publicity Photo

Doug Kiser5:43 PM
Cool!  My dad smoked cigars and the company went out of businesses after he died.

Rodrigo Araya5:44 PM
Now, that was unexpected.

Tom V.5:44 PM
What a great letter and picture!

Doug Kiser5:45 PM
Their clothes look wonderful. People don’t dress up today like yesteryear.

Rodrigo Araya5:46 PM
Haven’t seen many DB blazers since Sept. ’08. Got one myself earlier this year… (edited) 5:49Seriously, I spent some five years looking for one, but no one had them in stock…

garth_johnson5:50 PM
In 2010, when I was told I had to ‘Dress Properly’ for my first day at Tech Support Job — I wore a suit and tie where everyone else was dressed in polo shirts and Jeans — my supervisor told me not to be a smart-ass — I told him to give me a corporate shirt!2 repliesLast reply 1 month agoView thread

Rodrigo Araya5:51 PM
I heard some companies tacitly ban ties from the workplace…

garth_johnson5:52 PM
At one place I told the boss – get rid of the paper shredder and I’ll wear a tie — Health and Safety hazzard — they gave me a set of corporate polo shirts!

Rodrigo Araya5:56 PM
I have a couple of bowties… And I’m no hipster or sump’n…

Doug Kiser5:56 PM
When I got into management they told us not to wear ties anymore. So sad!

garth_johnson5:57 PM
As heard somewhere else … “Bow Ties are Cool!”1947-00-00_-_fa1_-_source_catalog_-_fred_allen_bow_tie-4×07.jpg 

1947 – Fred Allen

Doug Kiser5:58 PM
Can you tie a bow tie?

Rodrigo Araya5:58 PM
“many technology-based companies having casual dress requirements, including AppleAmazoneBayGenentechMicrosoftMonsanto, and Google.”5:58The hyperlinks got there themselves…5:59I don’t recall Jack wearing a bowtie except for formalwear and one scene in the Professor LeBlanc flashback show…

garth_johnson5:59 PM
A sign of no leadership examples and the democratization of the workplace – no shirt – no shoes – no service.

Rodrigo Araya6:00 PM
I’m studying law. Wonder if that’ll be the last bastion of formalwear….

garth_johnson6:01 PM

1932 – Fred Allen as Judge Allen

Rodrigo Araya6:02 PM
I remember that, pre-pandemic, they said “Oxford bags” (a 20s-era trouser style) would become popular again, but a year later it seems we’ll be stuck with ol’ slim fit for the foreseeable future…6:02I think Jack wore a pair on “The Song Writers’ Revue”…

Doug Kiser6:03 PM
I do not like slim fit.

Rodrigo Araya6:03 PM
It seems ’twill be either that or wearing pajamas 24/7…

Tom V.6:04 PM
I love watching “Leave It To Beaver”, with Ward Cleaver wearing a suit and tie, reading the newspaper on the family’s couch.

garth_johnson6:04 PM
Jack in Song Writers ‘1930-01-06_-_fil_-_source_catalog_-_the_song_writers_revue_-_1928-112_-_jack_benny-a.jpg 

1930 – MGM – 1928-112 – The Song Writers’ Revue – A short subject made by Metro-Goldwyn Mayer in 1929, “Song Writers Revue”, featured Jack Benny as an MC hosting different composers who played and sang a musical number for the film, notably Arthur Freid, ten years prior to becoming a producer, sang his own composition “Wedding of the Painted Doll.”

Rodrigo Araya6:04 PM
Wonder what Esky (the mascot from Esquire) would think about the state of men’s clothing…6:04The magazine held a joke contest in ’38. Guess who were two of the judges?

garth_johnson6:06 PM
Finally found jack wearing a “not formal wear” bow tie.1941-05-06_-_jb4_-_historicimages_cvp80521_-_ciros_night_club_-_mary_livingstone_and_jack_benny_dancing-a.jpg 6:071941 – Hollywood, Calif., — Mary Livingstone (Mrs. Benny) and Jackson Benny shake out a Hollywood shag at Ciro’s as Jack proudly acknoledges his terpsichore triumph.

1941 – Hollywood, Calif., — Mary Livingstone (Mrs. Benny) and Jackson Benny shake out a Hollywood shag at Ciro’s as Jack proudly acknoledges his terpsichore triumph.

6:091941 – Number one funny man, Jack Benny pops a little of his corn into a N.B.C. mike as Groucho Marx, Bob Hope, and Dick Powell look on.1941-03-09_-_jb4_-_historicimages_catalog_-_jack_with_hope_marx_and_powell-a.jpg

1941 – Number one funny man, Jack Benny pops a little of his corn into a N.B.C. mike as Groucho Marx, Bob Hope, and Dick Powell look on. (Esquire Features Photo)

 6:11Until next week …

Rodrigo Araya6:11 PM
I couldn’t tell Groucho at first…6:11Good night.

garth_johnson6:11 PM

1930 – MGM – The Songwriters Review – 439-11 – Jack Benny and Dave Dreyer

Rodrigo Araya6:12 PM
Bell-bottoms in 1930 as one would say…6:13But somehow these flares look more elegant than their 70s-era cousins… (edited) 

Doug Kiser6:14 PM
Yes very nice looking.6:18My grandmother told me that bell bottoms were nothing new.

Doug Kiser6:23 PM
Good night all!

Tom V.6:27 PM
Men’s fashion killed the conversation!  I guess we’re done then.  Good Night Folks!

Rodrigo Araya6:43 PM
Good night.

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