Chat October 4th, 2020

Nancy A. Acosta4:51 PM
Hello ^^)v

Rodrigo Araya4:52 PM
Jell-o there!Ring the bell for Pall Mall!
DING-DONG!The Dennis Day Program featuring Phil Sinatra and Dinah Livingstone, George Bernard Shaw and yours’ truly, the pickle in the middle!:raised_hands:14:53A few minutes remain before the chat begins.

kathy_fuller_seeley4:53 PM
haha Rodrigo, you are rarin’4:53to go!

Rodrigo Araya4:54 PM
Raring to go like General Tires.4:54Or Chevrolet.4:54Nah, General Tires.

kathy_fuller_seeley4:54 PM
So may I ask, were you in the US when you learned about Jack Benny, or where did you grow up?

Rodrigo Araya4:54 PM
Haven’t left Chile.:open_mouth:1

kathy_fuller_seeley4:55 PM
wow, that is fabulous, so how did you learn about Benny’s radio shows, on the air? on tape?

Rodrigo Araya4:55 PM
Maybe I heard about Benny when learning about how Looney Tunes were made.4:55As you might notice, there’s a new member in the chat.

kathy_fuller_seeley4:55 PM
wow, I had the same introduction, from Looney Tunes cartoons in the mid 1960s4:56Hello Nancy, glad you can join us!

Nancy A. Acosta4:56 PM
Thank you!! I didn’t know if I could make it today (especially when I was nursing an eyeache), but I made it :smile:

Rodrigo Araya4:57 PM
Where are you writing from, if we can ask?

kathy_fuller_seeley4:57 PM
again, glad you can join us, Nancy! Where are you writing from, just curious. I am in Austin, Texas (well 25 miles north of Austin)

Nancy A. Acosta4:57 PM
From Iowa. But originally, I’m from Puerto Rico ^^)v

kathy_fuller_seeley4:57 PM
and I am sorry about eye-aches!

Nancy A. Acosta4:57 PM
Yeah, they suuuuuck. At least I know why I get them, can’t complain otherwise lol

Rodrigo Araya4:57 PM
They made an OTR show in P.R. actually.

Nancy A. Acosta4:58 PM


Rodrigo Araya4:58 PM
“Duffy’s Tavern” in its later seasons.

kathy_fuller_seeley4:58 PM
Wow, we have an international group! I did a research project based in Washington, southeast of Iowa Cityh

Laura Leibowitz4:58 PM
Nancy, you made it!  Yay!

kathy_fuller_seeley4:58 PM
howdy Laura!

Nancy A. Acosta4:58 PM
Hey, Laura :wave:

Rodrigo Araya4:58 PM
How are you, Laura?

Nancy A. Acosta4:58 PM
I will have to note that down, Rodrigo, I didn’t know!4:59What kind of research was it, Kathy?

Laura Leibowitz4:59 PM
Hi Kathy!4:59Hi Rodrigo

garth_johnson4:59 PM
Here we are again — Happy as can be — all good friends in jolly good company!

Laura Leibowitz4:59 PM
And I, too, was originally introduced to Jack by Looney Tunes!5:00Hey Garth!

kathy_fuller_seeley5:00 PM
history of an early traveling movie show, Brinton’s movies, he eventually took over the theater in Washington Iowa and now that theater/opera house has a Guiness World Record for longest continually operating movie theater in the world. Oooops I expect that 2020 has been hard on them5:01this group seems like an oasis of calm in a very strange news world : )

Laura Leibowitz5:01 PM
Maybe they get a hall pass during a pandemic5:01That’s one of its goals.5:01(Being an oasis, not getting a hall pass)

Neil Ottenstein5:01 PM
Good evening all

Laura Leibowitz5:02 PM
Hi Neil!

kathy_fuller_seeley5:02 PM
Laura, I had a phone call from Barbara Thunell today, she is delightful as always, and wants to know when I am getting more scrapbooks. I am so glad that she is into this!

Nancy A. Acosta5:02 PM
I think I know what theater you’re talking about now! I remember asking the store next to a famous theater house if I could walk inside to look (they had a thing where you can be a walk-in) and the lady said that it was closed for the day….at around 2-3PM :laughing:

Laura Leibowitz5:02 PM
Feh!  These early-closing theatres.

Tom V.5:02 PM
Good evening, folks!

Laura Leibowitz5:02 PM
Hi Tom!

Nancy A. Acosta5:02 PM
I suspect 2020 will have been hard on them, we’ve had a couple of small businesses close already in Iowa :disappointed:5:03Hello, Neil, Tom and Garth ^^

Laura Leibowitz5:03 PM
Hey Kathy, I want to give you a very public apology.

kathy_fuller_seeley5:03 PM
Well Nancy, I hope you get to return. Wonderful fellow Mike Zahs, local historian, has made a great display at the local bank about Washington IA history including Brinton and the movie theater. Wonderful documentary “Saving Brinton” is based on it, and will be shown on PBS again soon. Spoiler alert, I make a cameo appearance, haha

Nancy A. Acosta5:03 PM
Sometimes having small things like this chat is a boon during the apocalypse :sunglasses:5:04Oh I will note that down as well. I love documentaries too much haha

Laura Leibowitz5:04 PM
I had the scrapbooks all packed up, we had the problem with the account number, and then you know me…it went out of my orbit except for the fact that I kept looking at it on the dresser behind me and saying, “You know, I’ve got to try thataccount number again.”

Nancy A. Acosta5:04 PM
Maybe it’s on kanopy too

kathy_fuller_seeley5:04 PM
oh gosh, no need for public, Laura, we are all hugely busy and obligated! just a tiny reminder, and I am happy to send funds to acquire boxes and tape : )

Laura Leibowitz5:05 PM
I’m happy to say that I organized my desk for the first time in quite a while today, so I’m hopeful to get it in transit shortly.

Nancy A. Acosta5:05 PM
Organizing desks — as the kids say, “what a mood” :slightly_smiling_face:

kathy_fuller_seeley5:05 PM
woo hoo Laura, and you continue to find the most amazing things for your house

Laura Leibowitz5:05 PM
Kathy – Oh no need for that…I’m reusing the packing material and the tape is a pittance.  Especially for the service you’re doing by scanning them.5:06Kathy – One I asked about before lockdown came back to find me, because he was finally willing to negotiate on price!

kathy_fuller_seeley5:06 PM
how is everyone doing this early October? I hope the summer weather where you are is abating!

Rodrigo Araya5:06 PM
Anyone want some insurance? Some guy’s been pestering all day long.

Laura Leibowitz5:06 PM
Went and picked it up today.  Very happy.  I’ll text photos.  They’re Victorian cast-iron eave vents.

Rodrigo Araya5:06 PM
(that didn’t actually happen)

Laura Leibowitz5:06 PM
Rodrigo – His name isn’t Steve Bradley, is it?

kathy_fuller_seeley5:07 PM
I was wondering what would happen to my soap if the bloom was off the sage…

Laura Leibowitz5:07 PM
Kathy – Not yet here, but supposed to do more later this week.

Rodrigo Araya5:07 PM
Peabody, Hoiman Peabody.

Laura Leibowitz5:07 PM
Ah, right.

garth_johnson5:07 PM
I just raided the icebox like my friend here … so I’m good195x-00-00_-_jb5_-_source_catalog_-_jack_joan_and_mary_raiding_ice_box.jpg 

Laura Leibowitz5:07 PM
Does anyone here not know the Herman Peabody reference?

Nancy A. Acosta5:07 PM
I’m currently eating dinner ahahaha

kathy_fuller_seeley5:08 PM
Barbara Thunell recommends “The Hundred Year Dash” biography of George Burns, has anybody read it?

Nancy A. Acosta5:08 PM
Only Peabody I know is the cartoon :sweat_smile:

Laura Leibowitz5:08 PM
Kathy – I’ve got a copy, but I confess I haven’t read it.

Nancy A. Acosta5:08 PM
(And the prize, of course)

Laura Leibowitz5:08 PM
Rodrigo – Mind giving some backstory on Hoiman Peabody?

Rodrigo Araya5:09 PM
He got into a carpool with Phil, Dennis and Don.

garth_johnson5:09 PM
Mr. Peabody likes his grape-nuts

Rodrigo Araya5:09 PM
When they were going to Jack’s house for a swimming party.

kathy_fuller_seeley5:09 PM
he sells insurance?

Laura Leibowitz5:10 PM
Had a member ask to write an article on one of the saltier tidbits from that book (Hundred-Year Dash).  She did, I gave her some feedback on it, and then knew I’d have to run it by Joan first because it had some eyebrow-raising theories.  Joan voted it down.

Nancy A. Acosta5:11 PM
Ohh, now I think the whole bit is sounding familiar :joy:

Laura Leibowitz5:11 PM
Nancy – Was voiced by Mel Blanc.:smiley:15:12He’s one character of Mel’s that few remember, and those who do generally find him annoying!:joy:1

Rodrigo Araya5:12 PM
Sounded like the Happy Postman on Burns and Allen.

Laura Leibowitz5:12 PM
Which also is not unlike Steve Bradley5:12Except that wasn’t voiced by Me.5:12Mel.

kathy_fuller_seeley5:13 PM
reasons why the Benny show was supposedly “in trouble” said the critics, in 1944-45

garth_johnson5:13 PM
Remember folks … keep smilin’1943-00-00_-_baa_-_screengems_catalog_-_nbc_burns_and_allen_with_mel_blanc.jpg 

1943 – NBC Burns and Allen program – George and Gracie with Mel Blanc

Laura Leibowitz5:13 PM
Say, Kathy, I was going to E-mail you about this, but we’ll let everyone in on it.

Rodrigo Araya5:13 PM
GF wasn’t too happy to relinquish the Sunday 7pm slot.

kathy_fuller_seeley5:14 PM
If it had been today, canceled in a New York minute!!!! In this case, thank goodness for the radio 1940s sponsor system that favored hanging on to a known name rather than dump him and try some new show////

Nancy A. Acosta5:14 PM
You said it, Kathy

Laura Leibowitz5:14 PM
On getting the scrapbooks back from you, I’ve gotten archival foil that I’m placing between the pages.  And the full books are going into Gaylord archival boxes.  They’re finally getting the white-glove treatment they deserve.5:15Say, tell Nancy about the scrapbook project!

kathy_fuller_seeley5:15 PM
YAY!!!! for archival storage, that is wonderful!!!!!!

Laura Leibowitz5:15 PM
Gaylord is good stuff.

Rodrigo Araya5:16 PM
Apparently, one of the reasons for the drop on ratings was “The New Grape-Nuts and Jello Show” with Kate Smith.

Laura Leibowitz5:16 PM
Rodrigo – Seriously?

kathy_fuller_seeley5:17 PM
Well Nancy and everyone, Laura and I are scanning all 23 of the amazing scrapbooks created by long-time fan Barbara Thunell. Barbara started collecting Benny clippings when she was like 13, in 1943, and she kept it up over many years, until Jack’s death in late 1974. The result is 23 AMAZING scrapbooks with materials none of us have ever seen before! I now have a book scanner to capture all the images, and we plan to make all the material available to Club members to enjoy and help identify.:raised_hands:1:heart_eyes:1

Nancy A. Acosta5:17 PM

Rodrigo Araya5:17 PM
Didn’t know that until accessing Jim Ramsburg’s site.

Laura Leibowitz5:17 PM
GF takes a product away from Jack because they can’t keep it in stock and gives it to someone who hurts the ratings?

Rodrigo Araya5:18 PM
GF wasn’t happy at all about relinquishing a top timeslot to Jack.

Nancy A. Acosta5:18 PM
happy cat.jpg 

kathy_fuller_seeley5:18 PM
Kate Smith was MUCH cheaper to sponsor on radio….

Laura Leibowitz5:18 PM
Kathy – I was looking at some potential file collaboration software yesterday.  I need to do more reading

Rodrigo Araya5:18 PM
So, what they did? They put Kate Smith head-to-head with the LS show.

kathy_fuller_seeley5:19 PM
Young and Rubicam the ad agency, which had been sooooo on top of things 1934-1940, really started letting the ball go, Jack was very frustrated at lack of promotion

Laura Leibowitz5:19 PM
And thought they could compete?

Nancy A. Acosta5:19 PM
No offense to Kate Smith, but I’ve never heard of her, so I guess egg on the face for those schmucks who wanted her :stuck_out_tongue:

garth_johnson5:20 PM
1944 – Variety – Kate Smith Opposite Benny in Fall as Gen. Foods Reshuffles Schedule — Benny leaves Y&R for Ruthrrauff & Ryan — that may play into the ratings too1944-06-07_-_mag_-_variety_-_kate_smith_opposite_benny_in_fall.jpg :blush:1:+1:2

1944 – Variety – Kate Smith Opposite Benny in Fall as Geb. Foods Reshuffles Schedule

Laura Leibowitz5:20 PM
She had Abbott and Costello on her show, so it wasn’t bereft of comedy.

kathy_fuller_seeley5:20 PM
“God Bless America” Nancy : )  she was the fat lady who sang, but she was America’s plump sweetheart. But her show was cheap to produce

Rodrigo Araya5:20 PM
Kate Smith was a popular singer in the 30s and 40s, known for her renditions of patriotic tunes.

Nancy A. Acosta5:20 PM
Kathy and Laura, do you need additional help for the scans? I also have a big scanner (a lovely epson) and have experience with scanning books and art :slightly_smiling_face:5:20Hmmmm5:20Now I must research about Kate Smith :sunglasses:

kathy_fuller_seeley5:21 PM
Oh thank you so much, Nancy! I think I have this project covered, but we will sure appreciate your help identifying things!5:21She had a Svengali boyfriend…..

garth_johnson5:21 PM
1940 – Jack Benny with Kate Smith1940-04-20_-_mag_-_source_catalog_-_jack_benny_with_kate_smith.jpg 

1940 – Jack Benny with Kate Smith

Rodrigo Araya5:22 PM
Wasn’t that 1938? When Jack made some shows from NY only accompanied by Rochester.

Laura Leibowitz5:22 PM
Jack was her Svengali boyfriend? :wink:

Nancy A. Acosta5:22 PM

kathy_fuller_seeley5:22 PM

garth_johnson5:22 PM

1940 – Jack Benny visits Kate Smith with anniversary greetings on the singer’s broadcast over the WABC-Columbia Network Friday, April 25, at 8:00 p.m., EST. (Repeat to the West at 9:00 p.m., EST). Kate – witness her two latest candid portraits above – is celebrating the completion of her ninth year in radio with this broadcast.

Nancy A. Acosta5:22 PM
@kathy_fuller_seeley if there’s a list and captions to match photos with in list form, I can help :slightly_smiling_face: I’m not Jack-savvy (yet)

Laura Leibowitz5:23 PM
Touche, Garth

Rodrigo Araya5:24 PM
Her show was already sponsored by Grape-Nuts in 1940, wasn’t it?

Laura Leibowitz5:24 PM
The Bureau of Industrial Service.  Sounds very steampunk.

kathy_fuller_seeley5:24 PM
Nancy, Barbara found amazing newspaper and fan magazine articles from so many publications that have not yet been digitized, its just so fun to read everything and help piece the Public Relations story of Jack together : ):+1:15:25Kate Smith still was singing “God Bless America” at Philadelphia Flyers hockey games in the 1970s. you go girl

Nancy A. Acosta5:25 PM


Laura Leibowitz5:25 PM
They wheeled her out in a wheelchair for some event…

Nancy A. Acosta5:25 PM
“On June 25, 2019, The New York Times Magazine listed Kate Smith among hundreds of artists whose material was reportedly destroyed in the 2008 Universal fire.[36]” — you know, I really hate that 2008 fire but this entire year, every old school artist I’ve looked up has this at the end and it’s like “okay, who didn’t lose anything in this fire, Lassie???!”WikipediaThe New York Times MagazineThe New York Times Magazine is a Sunday magazine supplement included with the Sunday edition of The New York Times. It is host to feature articles longer than those typically in the newspaper and has attracted many notable contributors. The magazine is also noted for its photography, especially relating to fashion and style.
The magazine also includes various puzzles, which have been popular features since their introduction. (19 kB)

2008 Universal Studios fireOn June 1, 2008, a fire broke out on the backlot of Universal Studios Hollywood, an American film studio and theme park in the San Fernando Valley area of Los Angeles County, California. The fire began when a worker used a blowtorch to warm asphalt shingles that were being applied to a facade. He left before checking that all spots had cooled, and a three-alarm fire broke out. Nine firefighters and a Los Angeles County sheriffs’ deputy sustained minor injuries. The fire was extinguished after 12 hours.
Universal Pictures claimed that the fire destroyed a three-acre (1.2 ha) portion of the Universal backlot, including the attraction King Kong Encounter and 40,000 to 50,000 archived digital vid… Show more (229 kB)

Kate SmithKathryn Elizabeth Smith (May 1, 1907 – June 17, 1986), known professionally as Kate Smith and The First Lady of Radio, was an American singer, a contralto, well known for her rendition of Irving Berlin’s “God Bless America”. She had a radio, television, and recording career spanning five decades, which reached its pinnacle in the 1940s. Smith became known as The Songbird of the South after her enduring popularity during World War II. (34 kB)

Created with GIMP

kathy_fuller_seeley5:25 PM
unlike certain presidents who do laps in cars while in quarantine… I know, avoid political topics, hahaha:rolling_on_the_floor_laughing:1

Nancy A. Acosta5:26 PM
oh oops, I didn’t mean for links

garth_johnson5:26 PM
From Ed Page’s collection of boxes …194x-00-00_-_mem_-_ed_page_collection_-_grape_nuts_flakes_box_-_with_kate_smith_picture.jpg 

1940’s – Grape Nuts Flakes Box – Kate Smith

Laura Leibowitz5:27 PM
That’s OK, Nancy5:27My paternal grandmother was Kate Smith’s doppelganger.  And boy oh boy, was she proud of it!

garth_johnson5:27 PM
In that case — this was initially clipped for the Pearl Bailey show — but notice the James Coburn move ….1971-02-20_-_mag_-_tv_guide_-_pearl_bailey_guest_phil_harris.jpg 

1971 – TV Guide – Listing – Pearl Baily — Guests: Kate Smith, Phil Harris and impressionist George Kirby (reprising his imitation of Pearlie Mae). Louis Bellson Orchestra.

kathy_fuller_seeley5:28 PM
oh I hope so!! Kate was so beloved by the American people : )

Laura Leibowitz5:28 PM
I’ve actually seen that movie a couple times.5:29I saw it once and had no memory of it, so I watched it again because the premise is so good, and was reminded why I had no memory of it.:rolling_on_the_floor_laughing:1

kathy_fuller_seeley5:29 PM
Kate Smith’s success is part of the magic of American radio (she would never have made it in film, but her warm voice and empathy won her many million fans)

Laura Leibowitz5:29 PM
But there’s one particularly good scene early on in the movie.

Nancy A. Acosta5:29 PM
Seeing James Coburn’s name under “MOVIE — COMEDY” is weird :laughing:

Laura Leibowitz5:30 PM
OK, what else Benny before we go into the show?

garth_johnson5:30 PM
Watched the 1994 “Maverick” movie — Coburn was ok in it

Nancy A. Acosta5:31 PM
I’ll have to look for her rendition of “God Bless America” on youtube later, if it’s until recently it stopped being used for events. I never realized it had that long lasting use :mag_right:

kathy_fuller_seeley5:31 PM
Irving Berlin thought she gave the best rendition of his song:open_mouth:1

Laura Leibowitz5:31 PM
I know she did it on film at least once.5:31And there’s the John Wayne version with Jack.5:32That every  time someone posts it on the Facebook page, someone reports it because they think it’s a political statement.:grimacing:1

kathy_fuller_seeley5:32 PM
Garth I just leanred the original “maverick” was a Texas governor, gave his name to wayward cows and TV series

Laura Leibowitz5:32 PM
Which it may be, but it’s got Jack in it so it doesn’t break the rules.5:33Kathy – And John McCain.

kathy_fuller_seeley5:33 PM
McCain was a wayward cow? could be….

Nancy A. Acosta5:33 PM
They might be reporting it because of John Wayne too, to be honest, but that sucks

garth_johnson5:33 PM

Nancy A. Acosta5:33 PM

kathy_fuller_seeley5:33 PM
wayard bunnies! A perfect Laura connection…

Laura Leibowitz5:34 PM
Yeah, I think people see John Wayne and “God Bless America” and don’t watch it long enough to see Jack in it singing badly off-key.

Tom V.5:35 PM
Wasn’t this Bunny costume from “Rowan & Martin’s Laugh-In”?

Laura Leibowitz5:35 PM
Yep5:35Thank God it wasn’t a Playboy Bunny costume.

Tom V.5:35 PM
Ha Ha!

Laura Leibowitz5:35 PM
OK…let’s get to the show!5:36’s meet on Watch2GetherWatch2Gether lets you watch videos with your friends, synchronized at the same time. (5 kB) we’ll come back here afterwards.:+1:1

garth_johnson6:07 PM

Laura Leibowitz6:07 PM
image.png 6:07G.W. Hill6:07The genuine article

6:07So thoughts on the show?

Rodrigo Araya6:08 PM
As I said previously, the beginning of an entirely new era for Jack.

Nancy A. Acosta6:08 PM
My first time hearing Mary on the show (I only watched the TV show, which didn’t have her, of course) and I can definitely believe ppl saying that she was truly funny and amazing :smile:

Rodrigo Araya6:08 PM
You’d never expect the egg-timer scene in the Jell-O or Grape-Nuts era.

Laura Leibowitz6:09 PM
But you would get the vault

garth_johnson6:09 PM
And after the passing of Hill – Mr. Riggio became president of ATCO1950-02-00_-_mag_-_broadcasting-telecasting_-_jack_benny_with_ben_duffy_of_bbdo_and_vincet_riggio_of_atco.jpg 

Rodrigo Araya6:09 PM
Well, maybe in the later Grape-Nuts episodes.

Laura Leibowitz6:10 PM
George Washington Hill was played by Russell Hicks.

garth_johnson6:10 PM
There’s a train leaving Anaheim …

Nancy A. Acosta6:10 PM
Is there any credence to what is said about Mary with regards to her relationship with other comedians or in Jack’s sphere? That people generally hated when she was around because she was basically just not nice? (My understanding is that she wasn’t nice, perhaps nervous but was perceived as rude instead.)6:10(*that she was nice, perhaps nervous) — wrong tense lol

Laura Leibowitz6:10 PM
It’s a question that’s often asked.6:11She had some friends…Barbara Stanwyck, Nancy Reagan6:11All the kids of that family turned out a little “off” socially6:11Or a lot “off” in Hickey’s case

Rodrigo Araya6:12 PM
Did Mr. Hill approve of the addition of the Sportsmen Quartet’s ribbing of the commercials? Or did they rush the thing after he kicked the bucket?

Laura Leibowitz6:12 PM
I’d say read the chapter on her in “Gracie: A Love Story.”

Nancy A. Acosta6:12 PM
:open_mouth::disappointed: re: kids6:12Okay, I’ll check that nout

Laura Leibowitz6:13 PM
Well, Mahlon had been looking for opportunities to use them since they had formed.6:13Hill died in 1946, so I think it happened after he was gone.6:13Nancy – I’ve heard a lot of stories where she did/said things that would make your eyes pop out…from people who were there as first-hand witnesses.

Nancy A. Acosta6:14 PM
I was pleased to see that the language play present in the TV show also was in the radio show :hugging_face:6:14Oh good lord 0.0

Rodrigo Araya6:14 PM
Hill died in September 12, ’46. The Sportsmen debuted on Sept. 29.

Laura Leibowitz6:15 PM
You should see the “as broadcast” script…it’s scribbled all over with Fred’s ad libs.6:16Rodrigo – I can’t imagine that they did it that fast.  But I can’t say for sure.6:16Would be interesting to see when their contract was signed.6:16What else about the show?6:16And any requests for next time?

garth_johnson6:16 PM
Not that messy —Clip.jpg 

Laura Leibowitz6:17 PM
I probably won’t be on next week, but you all do just fine!6:17BRB

Neil Ottenstein6:17 PM

Nancy A. Acosta6:17 PM
Hahaha, I’ve certainly seen messier!6:18Rochester was awesome, as always, I couldn’t stop laughing

Rodrigo Araya6:18 PM
Wonder if Fred ever wrote something about the “Ave Maria” incident (when Kenny sang it in German–two weeks after Pearl Harbor)…:astonished:1

garth_johnson6:18 PM
At least no big cuts to get the show down to time

Nancy A. Acosta6:18 PM
Maybe something with Dennis Day next time?

garth_johnson6:19 PM
Circa 19521952-00-00_-_dd1_-_source_catalog_-_dennis_day_by_philippe_halsman-2.jpg 

1952 – Dennis Day – Portrait by Phillippe Halsman

Nancy A. Acosta6:21 PM
Always looking youthful! :smile:

Laura Leibowitz6:21 PM
Silly kid

Rodrigo Araya6:21 PM
I was listening to the 1940 “Clown Hall Tonight” parody and Jack apparently made a reference to Mr. Ramshaw.

Tom V.6:22 PM
I like Dennis’ tie!

Laura Leibowitz6:22 PM
Glad we brought you up to speed on Mr. Ramshaw!

garth_johnson6:22 PM

Rodrigo Araya6:23 PM
Too bad Jack didn’t appear on What’s My Line when Fred was a panelist.6:23But Dennis did.

garth_johnson6:23 PM
Fred – what’s that above your head1940-12-27_-_fil_-_source_catalog_-_love_thy_neighbor_-_1277-2-42_-_jack_fred_and_eagle_-_alternate.jpg 

Laura Leibowitz6:24 PM
OK, shall we call it good?

Neil Ottenstein6:24 PM
Good night!

Rodrigo Araya6:24 PM
I’m about to listen to Allen actually.6:25Good night.

Laura Leibowitz6:25 PM
Maybe Mr. Ramshaw will make a musical critique right there…

Nancy A. Acosta6:25 PM
This was fun ^^)v

Laura Leibowitz6:25 PM
OK, take care folks!6:25See you soon!

garth_johnson6:25 PM
I see by the clock on the wall its time to bid you one and all — good night

Nancy A. Acosta6:25 PM


Tom V.6:25 PM
Good night, folks!

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