Chat November 29, 2020

garth_johnson4:55 PM
Hello… hello… hello, there George… hello, Ethel, how are you tonight?…hello,
Kvetch!… Hello Laura … Pardon me just a moment, ladies and gentlemen… Say, were there any messages for
me today? … mail, phone calls or anything?

Laura Leibowitz4:57 PM
Yeah, your dentist and your hairdresser both called.  Same message.  You can pick them up Tuesday.

kathy_fuller_seeley4:58 PM
Howdy Garth!!!! and hello Laura

Laura Leibowitz4:58 PM
Hi Kathy!  And Doug and Tom!

garth_johnson4:58 PM
Actually it was my Tailor that called!

Laura Leibowitz4:58 PM
And of course, Garth!

kathy_fuller_seeley4:58 PM
I am having a blast copy-editing volume 2 of the scripts

Laura Leibowitz4:58 PM
Garth – Robert Tailor?

kathy_fuller_seeley4:58 PM
haha Laura Spangler Arlington Bruuuuugh

Laura Leibowitz4:58 PM
Kathy – Excellent!4:59Kathy – I wondered if anyone would say that!

Neil Ottenstein4:59 PM
Good evening (edited) 

garth_johnson4:59 PM
Did you tell him I sailed for Europe this morning?

Laura Leibowitz4:59 PM
Hi Neil!

Neil Ottenstein4:59 PM
Hello all

kathy_fuller_seeley5:00 PM
my favorite thing of the 3 Barbara Thunell scripts I got in Batch #2 was the detailed collection of articles about the “romance” between singer Vic Damone and Joan Benny. I did not want to post that widely in case its a sore point with her

Laura Leibowitz5:00 PM
It’s not a sore point.

garth_johnson5:00 PM

1935 – MGM – Broadway Melody Of 1936 838×182 – Behind the scenes with Jack Benny and Robert Taylor

Tom V.5:01 PM
Good evening, folks!

kathy_fuller_seeley5:01 PM
I would say that Jack, Mary, Barbara and Robert were tight as two couples, but that might be mis-understood. They were great friends

Laura Leibowitz5:01 PM
Exactly.5:02So, you may wonder why I called you all here tonight…

garth_johnson5:02 PM
July 1951 – Vic Damone at LaGuardia to greet daughter of Jack Benny– Joan Benny, 17-year-old daughter of screen and radio stars Jack Benny and Mary Livingstone, is shown being greeted at LaGuardia airport by singing star Vic Damone, with whom she has been romatically linked.  Joan, who starts at Stanford University in the fall arrived with her mother for a ten-day visit in New York.  Benny is currently on a six-weeks tour of U.S. Military installation in Japan and Korea.1951-07-02_-_jb5_-_historicimages_rsk79703_-_joan_benny_and_vic_damone-a.jpg 

1951 – Vic Damone at LaGuardia to greet daughter of Jack Benny– Joan Benny, 17-year-old daughter of screen and radio stars Jack Benny and Mary Livingstone, is shown being greeted at LaGuardia airport by singing star Vic Damone, with whom she has been romatically linked. Joan, who starts at Stanford University in the fall arrived with her mother for a ten-day visit in New York. Benny is currently on a six-weeks tour of U.S. Military installation in Japan and Korea.

kathy_fuller_seeley5:02 PM
Hey Laura, I will ask you off-chat for Michael R’s snail mail address, he wrote a kind note, and would like to have my UCalifornia Press book

Laura Leibowitz5:02 PM
Oh excellent, no problem.5:03So…did you all know that February 14, 2021 is a Saturday?

kathy_fuller_seeley5:03 PM
soooo…. the Vic Damone romance happened BEFORE her first marriage? so interesting,. of course the press made a huge deal of it

Laura Leibowitz5:03 PM
A lot of people thought they were going to get married.

Neil Ottenstein5:03 PM
No, it is a Sunday

Dennis W Barton5:04 PM
was added to jackbennykubelsky by Laura Leibowitz.

kathy_fuller_seeley5:04 PM
I have articles now infinitum, but did not want to post for fear of upsetting….who I don’t know…. the pictures of Joan are very lovely

Laura Leibowitz5:04 PM
Neil – You sure?  Double-checking…5:05Ah, you are correct.

Neil Ottenstein5:05 PM
Yes, just checked the calendar.  The leap year moved it from Friday this year to Sunday next

Laura Leibowitz5:05 PM
OK, so it’s on a weekend.

kathy_fuller_seeley5:05 PM
Leap Year!!! sounds like a topic for a poem by Mary

garth_johnson5:05 PM
With that big party at the Mocombo – you would have thought the two were to be engaged1953-08-25_-_jb5_-_source_catalog_-_vic_damone_mocambo_party_-_vic_damone_party-1.jpg 

1953 – Vic Damone Party at Mocombo Night Club

Laura Leibowitz5:05 PM
And credit to my board members for the idea, but we’re thinking of doing a virtual Jack Benny convention over Zoom.

kathy_fuller_seeley5:05 PM
oooooh look at the famous peoples….

Neil Ottenstein5:05 PM

kathy_fuller_seeley5:06 PM
YAY it would be great to have a Benny convention!!!!

Neil Ottenstein5:06 PM
we aren’t in the middle of one right now? :slightly_smiling_face:

Laura Leibowitz5:06 PM
I’ve been thinking about it for a couple of months, as I would like to delegate as much as possible and have it be a community thing.

garth_johnson5:07 PM
39 Forever – and ever – and ever again.2003-02-14_-_bio_-_ijbfc_catalog_-_39_forever_laura_leff_al_gordon_irving_fein_kay_linaker_beverly_washburn.jpg 

2003 – 39 Forever – Panel Discussion – Laura Leff, Al Gordon, Irving Fein, Kay Linaker, Beverly Washburn

kathy_fuller_seeley5:07 PM
I have had the best experience with “virtual” versions of the Pordennone film festival. Even our academic “Society for Cinema and Media Studies” is going virtual. I LOVE what can be shown to participants for a small price

Laura Leibowitz5:07 PM
Yeah, that one just about killed me

kathy_fuller_seeley5:07 PM
haha– she said delegating

Laura Leibowitz5:07 PM
Sadly, Beverly is the only one on that panel who’s still alive.5:07But Walden Hughes immediately came up with a long list of people we could have.5:08I’m going to have him do his Beverly Hills Beavers reunion again.5:08He did that at SPERDVAC a few years ago.

kathy_fuller_seeley5:08 PM
Walden and Martin Grams are both the bombs

Laura Leibowitz5:08 PM
Yes, I should reach out to Martin.5:09I was thinking about having people “own” an hour and do whatever they like with it.

kathy_fuller_seeley5:09 PM
Martin is helping me find the “missing” Sept 26 1932 script for volume 2.   Original problem = my goof

Laura Leibowitz5:09 PM
Kathy – You can promote your books, and talk or interview someone if you’d like.

Doug Kiser5:10 PM
How do you do – you all!!!

kathy_fuller_seeley5:10 PM
that is such a great idea, Laura!!! I have learned so much from participating in Darrel’s weekly Benny TV talks this falll  (buckbenny.otr)

Laura Leibowitz5:10 PM
Garth – Would you be interested in having a time slot?5:10Kathy – Yes, I was going to ping him too.  Would you mind asking him if he’d like to have an hour?

garth_johnson5:10 PM
I could do a slide show — power point anybody!

Laura Leibowitz5:11 PM
Garth – There ya go!

kathy_fuller_seeley5:11 PM
I would LOVE to hear from Garth, and all of you!!!! Of course I will ask Darrel, and John Henderson too

Laura Leibowitz5:11 PM
Yes, I need to reply to John’s recent E-mail.5:12And if you want ideas about people you/we could interview, I’ve already got a long list from Walden.5:12We’ve got Eddie Anderson’s kids, Dennis’ kids, and Phil’s daughters.

kathy_fuller_seeley5:12 PM
we must interview Barbara Thunell

garth_johnson5:12 PM
I’m more a “Harpo” than a “Groucho” I don’t have the voice for radio or a face for TV!

Laura Leibowitz5:12 PM
Kathy – I knew you’d say that!  Or I was seriously hoping you would!

kathy_fuller_seeley5:12 PM
Garth, that is OK!!!! We can have you participate any way you want!

Laura Leibowitz5:13 PM
Garth – Exactly what Kathy said.  You don’t need to be Don Wilson to participate!

kathy_fuller_seeley5:13 PM
Of course I will interview Barbara, she is delightful! And I would so love to have a recording of her memories

Dennis W Barton5:13 PM
Hello all. My first time. Enjoying reading what’s going on!

Laura Leibowitz5:13 PM
Kathy – Great!  I figured that would be the case!

kathy_fuller_seeley5:13 PM
Howdy, Dennis : )

Laura Leibowitz5:14 PM
Hi Dennis – Glad you made it in!5:14Normally it’s not this focused, but I’m looking to get some action going to have a Jack Benny convention on the weekend of February 14th.

kathy_fuller_seeley5:14 PM
YAY, what a wonderful idea!!!! Let’s do it!!!

Laura Leibowitz5:15 PM
Can you think of anyone else who might be interested in participating?

kathy_fuller_seeley5:15 PM
With folks having to work with zoom and the internet in these viral times, online things are booming, and so can Benny

Laura Leibowitz5:15 PM
Or things that would be interesting to do?5:16At the convention in 2003, we had Jackpardy (trivia contest in the style of Jeopardy)5:16And a script-writing contest, which was then performed.

kathy_fuller_seeley5:17 PM
Laura that is great! Now we will have a bunch of Jack’s 1932 scripts which folks can perform

Laura Leibowitz5:17 PM
Could we do a recreation of a show?  Not sure how well that works with Zoom delays.

Rodrigo Araya5:17 PM
Would anyone like some black-market Jell-O?

Laura Leibowitz5:17 PM
Hey hey Rodrigo!

Rodrigo Araya5:17 PM
Hi, everybody.

kathy_fuller_seeley5:17 PM
Hi Rodrigo!!!!

Rodrigo Araya5:18 PM
I also have cigars: a strong one for a dime, and a milder one for a quarter.

Neil Ottenstein5:18 PM
Just on audio with Zoom should work okay.  We did a couple of HitchHiker Guide to Galaxy scripts and had a lot of fun

Rodrigo Araya5:18 PM
INNER VOICE: Take the mild one!

Laura Leibowitz5:18 PM
Garth – Slight subject shift…were you OK if I connect your with the guy who was building the UI for the Benny database?  I thought he was working on stuff, but it sounds like he wasn’t aware of that.

kathy_fuller_seeley5:18 PM
Jack did love his cigars….but apparently he chose not to light them?

Rodrigo Araya5:18 PM
JACK: But the strong one is cheaper!

Neil Ottenstein5:18 PM
Video seeing everyone, but just voice acting.

garth_johnson5:19 PM
I’ll talk to anyone

Laura Leibowitz5:19 PM
Or he’d take one or two puffs and be done with them.

Rodrigo Araya5:19 PM
There was an anecdote about Jack’s cigars in London during the early post-war years.5:19He would dispose of them after a short time while the rest stored them.

garth_johnson5:19 PM
Jack talks about a police incident with one of his cigars on a Tonight show episode —

Rodrigo Araya5:19 PM
You know, the austerity years.

Laura Leibowitz5:20 PM
Ah, these crazy Hollywood types you know.

Rodrigo Araya5:20 PM
JACK (imitating Allen): Well, my little retriever of nicotine… Ho-ho-ho! I’m always ad-libbing, folks!

kathy_fuller_seeley5:21 PM
you know, I don’t think Fred Allen smoked, can’t recall him with a cig or cigar in his hand, am I wrong?

Laura Leibowitz5:21 PM
What else do you think people would like to see/do at a virtual Benny convention?5:21I don’t think he smoked either.

garth_johnson5:21 PM
As for “quiz show” type thing – “Citation Needed” Before me I have a wikipedia article and you guys can’t see it for each item guessed correctly you get a ding and point.  For exceptionally good answers you get “Mystery Biscuits”5:22Oh yah!

kathy_fuller_seeley5:22 PM
We could do a snarky quote-along to a Benny film, like Buck Benny Rides Again (or Horn Blows, of course)

Laura Leibowitz5:22 PM

kathy_fuller_seeley5:22 PM
more caption contests of Benny photos

Laura Leibowitz5:22 PM
Benny Science Theatre 3000

kathy_fuller_seeley5:22 PM

Laura Leibowitz5:23 PM
Or recasting shows with the Benny characters

garth_johnson5:23 PM
Oh Ronnie!1954-04-16_-_jb5_-_argentaimages_catalog_-_inside_hollywood_-_jack_and_mary_movie_date-a.jpg 

1954 – Inside Hollywood by Nat Dallinger – Jack Benny and Mary Livingstone, his wife, wave at fans outside a Beverly Hills theatre. The Benny’s only daughter, Joan was recently married to Seth Baker, a New York banking man.

Laura Leibowitz5:23 PM
Like the recast of Star Trek with Benny characters

kathy_fuller_seeley5:23 PM
haha that would be fun!

Laura Leibowitz5:23 PM
Bring on the fan fic5:24Oh, quick semi-related question.  Has anyone looked at the part of the new Web site where I’ve been posting the chats?

kathy_fuller_seeley5:24 PM
we could have a fan art competition or a gallery where everyone wins

Laura Leibowitz5:24 PM
I just want to make sure that it looks OK to people other than me5:24Kathy – Good thought

garth_johnson5:24 PM
And I get two shows!1954-04-20_-_jb5_-_source_ccg429_-_jack_benny_and_dennis_day-a.jpg 

1954 – Jack Benny with Dennis Day

kathy_fuller_seeley5:25 PM
we could also have a website post of coolest/weirdest things we have found (like on ebay, stuff from back in the day from advertisers)5:25which reminds me,  a WACKY JELLO COOKOFF

garth_johnson5:25 PM
Kathy – No Fisshy Jello Poster

Laura Leibowitz5:25 PM

kathy_fuller_seeley5:25 PM
Museum of Jell-O horrors!

Laura Leibowitz5:25 PM
Smoked Jell-O

kathy_fuller_seeley5:25 PM
Jell-O flambee!

Laura Leibowitz5:26 PM
Kathy – I could probably figure out how to do that

Rodrigo Araya5:26 PM
I ain’t sure, but I sense there was some bad blood between Fred and Eddie Cantor, and later on, with Milton Berle…

kathy_fuller_seeley5:26 PM
all it takes is enough alchohol in the jell-o

Rodrigo Araya5:27 PM
On Tralfaz there was a column by either Eddie or Miltie claiming Freddie was “just jealous”.

Laura Leibowitz5:27 PM
Hey Rodrigo – I was stamping the newsletter renewal postcards for international members recently and noting how many names domestic to their home countries we have–not just American ex-pats

Rodrigo Araya5:27 PM
But I’m not subscribed.

Laura Leibowitz5:28 PM
Is there any interest in doing something at the convention about people outside English-first-language countries and how they came to be interested in Jack?

Rodrigo Araya5:28 PM
Could be.

kathy_fuller_seeley5:28 PM
there should be a section of the Benny-palooza  dedicated to the eternal Benny-Allen feud

Laura Leibowitz5:28 PM
Think it over.

Rodrigo Araya5:28 PM
I forgot the “Hmmm…” before the “could be”…

Laura Leibowitz5:28 PM
Kathy – I wonder if this is finally the time to get Dick Cavett.5:29Actually, I was going to try to get Stuart Canin.  I think he’d love to participate.

kathy_fuller_seeley5:29 PM
ooooh, better to catch him before he’s the ex-Cavett, and Carol Burnett, and Bob Newhart, too

Laura Leibowitz5:29 PM
I’ll bribe him with my homemade challah

garth_johnson5:29 PM
Your money or your Jell-o – tune in next week to see which Jack actually forks over …JELLO_-_2015-10-25_-_tralfaz_-_star_of_stage_screen_and_radio.jpg 

Laura Leibowitz5:30 PM
Kathy – Very valid point.5:30I already talked with Marty about getting the Paley Center involved.

kathy_fuller_seeley5:31 PM
we could try the Emmys, I can try the Peabodys, easy enough but they are just historians….

Laura Leibowitz5:32 PM
Anyone know anyone at the Library of Congress who might be interested?

kathy_fuller_seeley5:32 PM
stretch goals – David Letterman, Stephen Colbert…. ( I am warming up that connection, bit by bit)

Laura Leibowitz5:33 PM
I confess I’ve not worked hard enough to build my network there5:33Kathy – Jon Stewart, Jerry Seinfeld.

kathy_fuller_seeley5:33 PM
YEP, I am on the board of the Bob Hope (ugh) Library of Congress Comedy team

Laura Leibowitz5:33 PM
Harry Shearer

Neil Ottenstein5:33 PM
I can’t recall if the person I knew who worked there still does

Laura Leibowitz5:33 PM
I  could probably get you Letterman pretty easily.5:33Kathy – Ah hah!5:34The three main guys who helped Letterman establish his style are all members of the IJBFC.

garth_johnson5:34 PM
But we want the Sportsmen — not the Lettermen!

Neil Ottenstein5:34 PM

Laura Leibowitz5:34 PM
Actually…hmmm…Tony Butala (of the Lettermen)5:35I interviewed him once when he was really drunk…it was quite an evening.

kathy_fuller_seeley5:35 PM
yay!!!! I hope we can talk about this more…a particular event and/or ongoing stuff, Laura there is a new academic center at UCLA for SOUND preservation, I know the head of it….we can also try WYOMING’s center

Laura Leibowitz5:35 PM
Kathy – Oh cool!  It’s not Mark at UCLA is it?

kathy_fuller_seeley5:36 PM
the new guy is a young faculty member Sean VanCour, just got a quarter-million grant to increase sound preservation in UCLA archives, yaya

Rodrigo Araya5:36 PM
You know, the many names mentioned remind me… How about the people who knew about Jack because he had a style they already liked from later comedians?

Laura Leibowitz5:36 PM
Oh FABULOUS!  so glad to hear that!5:37Mark Quigley got promoted to Dan Einstein’s old job, and Mark’s a gem.

kathy_fuller_seeley5:37 PM
you are so right, Rodrigo, Jack had influence on comics of the 1950s-60s and so many later generations

Laura Leibowitz5:38 PM
Rodrigo – Yes, exactly. A lot of the names above have claimed Jack as “their hero” and a role model for their own comedy.5:38Is Colbert a Benny fan?5:39I can never keep the names straight…I think the guy who took over the Tonight Show is.  They reached out to me once about licensing a clip.5:39Too many Jimmys on late night now.

garth_johnson5:39 PM
With Television, you didn’t need to sneak into one of those seedy smoky dingy comedy clubs that only were in a few cities on the coasts

kathy_fuller_seeley5:39 PM
Laura, I sure hope so!!! One of my best undergrads at UTexas got a job as handler for Colbert’s guests! So I sent her my book, and sent her a copy to give to Stephen (my hero). Now that the election craziness is abating, I can see if she can get me a word from Mr. Mountaintop

Laura Leibowitz5:40 PM
Excellent!5:40Garth – Like the Hungry I.

Rodrigo Araya5:40 PM
On the Tonight Show it’s Fallon, on ABC is Jimmy Kimmel, and Colbert’s first name is Stephen.

Laura Leibowitz5:40 PM
Oo…speaking of…Smothers Brothers.

Rodrigo Araya5:40 PM
It’s breeze, not trees!

Laura Leibowitz5:41 PM
The breeze that fills the trees.

kathy_fuller_seeley5:41 PM
gosh that was a great show (Smothers Brothers) and there’s been a superb documentary and book on them “Dangerously Funny” may be the title

Laura Leibowitz5:42 PM
That sounds familiar.

Neil Ottenstein5:42 PM
Doing a quick search I didn’t see anything linking Colbert and Benny except this kB)

kathy_fuller_seeley5:42 PM
Wonderful find, Neil!!!!

Neil Ottenstein5:43 PM
The person who posted it thought that the Benny like character looked more like Colbert does now than Benny did then.

Laura Leibowitz5:43 PM
I’d agree with that

kathy_fuller_seeley5:44 PM
well, artistic license. I have to admit there are VERY FEW drawings of Jack Benny that actually capture the Benny spirit!

Laura Leibowitz5:44 PM
By the way, I appreciate everyone allowing me to turn the happy hour into a convention brainstorming session.5:44Kathy – Ain’t that the truth.5:44Bouche got it.

kathy_fuller_seeley5:45 PM
YAY, Laura!!!! This is such a fantastic idea!!!! And “chat folks” are the best Benny minds out there (I mean, me excepting, haha)

garth_johnson5:45 PM

1923 – Jack Benny at B.F. Keith’s Palace Theatre, New York by Mitchell Strand aka Herbert Mitchell

kathy_fuller_seeley5:46 PM
where’s that one I think you posted recently, with Benny carrying the cast on his back, Garth? haha

Laura Leibowitz5:47 PM
I’ll post a couple fan art ones I have around here.  One is hyper-realism and really spectacular in my opinion.

garth_johnson5:47 PM

Laura Leibowitz5:50 PM
Strange…every time I try to post the pix, it throws me out5:50IMG_1211.JPG 5:50IMG_1212.JPG 5:50There we go.5:52The top one has been sitting in an envelope under my turntable for years!

kathy_fuller_seeley5:52 PM
hey, I have got to go burn dinner…..TOTALLY in support of the Benny-palooza idea, Laura!!! And looking forward to posting more stuff about Benny scripts Volume 2, and Benny scrapbooks to be scanned!

Laura Leibowitz5:52 PM
So much Benny happening!5:52Hooray!5:53Any other ideas, or should we call it good for this week?

garth_johnson5:53 PM
I think we got it all … in the bag … tonight1968-11-16_-_mag_-_ijbfc_catalog_-_philadelphia_tv_time_and_channel_-_01_-_jack_bennys_bag.jpg 

Neil Ottenstein5:53 PM
when were you considering to have it?

Laura Leibowitz5:53 PM
Zoom5:54Oh when not where5:54the weekend of February 14th

Dennis W Barton5:54 PM
Just want to say I love the idea!  I’ll help anyway possible but I’m not in media or anything

Neil Ottenstein5:54 PM
All, okay.  I have a convention the following weekend. So, no conflict

Rodrigo Araya5:54 PM
Good night

Laura Leibowitz5:54 PM
That’s OK…good attitudes are all I ask!5:54Neil – Thank goodness.5:55OK, thanks everyone!  Appreciate all the input!5:55See you next week!

Neil Ottenstein5:55 PM
Thanks. Good night

Tom V.5:56 PM
Good night folks!

Doug Kiser5:57 PM
Sleep well!!!:sunglasses:December 6th, 2020

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