Chat January 31, 2021

Rodrigo Araya5:00 PM
Hi, Laura.

Laura Leibowitz5:00 PM
Hi Rodrigo!

Rodrigo Araya5:00 PM
The same to Garth and Tom.5:01But, Mr. Swallow. But… But… But…

Laura Leibowitz5:01 PM
Now you’ve made me hungry…5:02Hi Tom

Neil Ottenstein5:02 PM
Hello everyone

Tom V.5:02 PM
Good evening, folks!

Roger5:02 PM
Hello Everyone!

Laura Leibowitz5:02 PM
Hey Neil!5:02Hi Roger!

garth_johnson5:02 PM
My tea is gone cold —- so while that heats up — I’ll process some toast.

Laura Leibowitz5:03 PM
So how’s everyone doing tonight?  Anyone buried under snow?

Rodrigo Araya5:03 PM
Well, it rained heavily down here last night.

Neil Ottenstein5:03 PM
We did not get much yet. May get more overnight or tomorrow.

Laura Leibowitz5:03 PM
Rodrigo – It’s summer time for you now, correct?

Rodrigo Araya5:03 PM

Tom V.5:04 PM
We had about 2 feet.  My body says “no more shoveling snow ever!”

Laura Leibowitz5:04 PM
Tom – That’s part of the reason I no longer live in Michigan.

Roger5:05 PM
Just about an inch of snow her in Central Illinois.5:05and a lot of rain too.

Tom V.5:05 PM
Yes, but central Arizona’s not supposed to get THIS much!

Laura Leibowitz5:05 PM
Roger – Always a lovely combinatino.5:05Tom – Holy cow!

Roger5:06 PM
yep…..what a mess.

Laura Leibowitz5:06 PM
So what Benny-wise is on everyone’s mind this evening?

Rodrigo Araya5:06 PM
Speaking of Jack’s home state, I remember this story about a woman stealing a snow shovel from a neighbor, who then covered her car in snow for revenge…

Laura Leibowitz5:07 PM
If Jack and the Colmans didn’t live in Beverly Hills, I could see that being a skit about them.5:08Colmans and Jack happen to be neighbors in Reno, NV as well…5:08Hey Garth…Jack and a snowman!5:09(Just challenging Garth and his database)5:09How about we all kick back and enjoy a show?5:10Can’t remember what I had selected a week or two ago and didn’t need…

Tom V.5:10 PM
Yes!  Show time!

garth_johnson5:10 PM
I’ve got Phil on a santa claus float

Laura Leibowitz5:10 PM
Garth – Sure!

5:11OK, if you join while the show is on, go to the link above!

garth_johnson5:11 PM
1950’s – Musician Phil Harris and his actress wife Alice Faye, along with their children, ride a Christmas float in the Hollywood Santa Claus Lane parade.195x-00-00_-_pha_-_lapl_00011451_-_santa_claus_lane_parade_-_phil_alice_and_kids.jpg :+1:2

1950’s – Musician Phil Harris and his actress wife Alice Faye, along with their children, ride a Christmas float in the Hollywood Santa Claus Lane parade.

5:141959 – BEARING A YULETIDE tree, Jack Benny gets a free ride from George Gobel. The pair will be together at 10 tonight on WTVJ (ch.4) for the second time since their altemate week association.1959-12-29_-_jb5_-_karen_zuehlke_facebook_-_bearing_a_yuletide_tree_-_jack_with_george_gobel.jpg 

1959 – BEARING A YULETIDE tree, Jack Benny gets a free ride from George Gobel. The pair will be together at 10 tonight on WTVJ (ch.4) for the second time since their altemate week association.

Laura Leibowitz5:41 PM
I’m trying to remember…Ike had a heart attack?

Neil Ottenstein5:41 PM
That was fun

garth_johnson5:41 PM
Always fun to see Verna

Roger5:41 PM
Great show!  Right after Eisenhower had one of several heart attacks.

Rodrigo Araya5:41 PM
Either that or a stroke.

Tom V.5:41 PM
Good show!

Laura Leibowitz5:41 PM
Aha OK, thanks for confirming.

Rodrigo Araya5:41 PM
I can’t recall correctly.

Laura Leibowitz5:42 PM
I can almost guarantee that the second half was Balzer-Perrin.

Roger5:42 PM
Verna is great and I give Don a lot of credit for putting up with all the fat jokes over the years.

Rodrigo Araya5:42 PM
Now that I see it clearer, Ike’s stroke was in ’57.

Laura Leibowitz5:42 PM
They loved visual gags like the breaking glasses.

garth_johnson5:42 PM
Fall of 1955

Laura Leibowitz5:42 PM
Rodrigo – Good for you for knowing that!

Rodrigo Araya5:43 PM
Someone in the chat had a “germ” of an idea.5:43For a Benny script.

Laura Leibowitz5:43 PM
Hope they can get treatment for that.5:43I said “Do it!” and they left…didn’t mean “Do it NOW!”

Rodrigo Araya5:43 PM
I was the one who came up with the titles…

Laura Leibowitz5:44 PM
What other thoughts on the show?

Rodrigo Araya5:44 PM
Last week, I thought of a scene where Roch called Jack up to bring Carmichael some fish…

Laura Leibowitz5:44 PM
Oh right!

Rodrigo Araya5:45 PM
Turns out they all were in the house.5:45But Carmie was nibbling at the Rochmeister…5:45Non-aggression pact, baloney. (edited) 

Laura Leibowitz5:45 PM
Maybe they could get Carmichael one of those new cat toys that’s a flopping fish.

Rodrigo Araya5:46 PM
I was thinking of a name for the fishmonger… Mr. Shittake (not Shiitake). Pretty much a modern equivalent of Logan Jerkfinkle.

Laura Leibowitz5:47 PM
Censors might vote it down.

Roger5:47 PM
When Verna was objecting to Jack about what is wrong about a Irish song, Jack replies nothing and that his mother always sang Irish songs, I was expecting a joke then about Irish songs and Jack being Jewish.

Laura Leibowitz5:48 PM
Roger – I think enough people knew Jack was Jewish, it was like Mr. Kitzel talking about going back to the old country…Ireland.

Roger5:48 PM
I could see a chance there for a real funny joke.

Laura Leibowitz5:48 PM
Clancy Lowered the Matzo Ball5:48Watch the Sun Go Down on Lipschitz Bay

Rodrigo Araya5:49 PM
Maybe something about a delicatessen…5:49Involving corned beef.

garth_johnson5:49 PM
Eat at Kanter

Laura Leibowitz5:49 PM
Alan Sherman did a wonderful redo of Shake Hands with Your Uncle Mike (Dear Old Donnegal).5:49A Yiddishman Will Steal Your Heart Away5:50Rodrigo – I could see that…”Corned beef and cabbage on rye with mustard)

garth_johnson5:50 PM
You’ve heard the not-used opening Benny did for Sherman’s LP

Laura Leibowitz5:50 PM
Garth – I believe so…remind me.5:51When You’re In Love, the Whole World is Irish5:51Er…uh…oh whatever.5:52Anything else for this evening, or should we call it good?

garth_johnson5:52 PM
Can’t find it right now — probably stashed on my Sherman collection

Laura Leibowitz5:53 PM
No problem.

Roger5:53 PM
I got a question I don’t think I asked before

Laura Leibowitz5:53 PM
Roger – Go for it.

Neil Ottenstein5:53 PM
Have you heard the to albums You Don’t Have to Be Jewish and When YOu’re In Love the whole world is Jewish?

Roger5:53 PM
how where the songs song on the show determined?

Laura Leibowitz5:53 PM
Neil – I have…that’s what I was trying to parody in making it Irish

Rodrigo Araya5:53 PM
I think song-pluggers had to bid for a spot…

Laura Leibowitz5:54 PM
Roger – I think Mahlon had the most control over that.5:54Well, we weren’t to the days of payola yet

Neil Ottenstein5:54 PM
I had the first album for ages and then got the CD which had both. Just great comedy

Roger5:54 PM
I assume Jack had the final say on what was sung or what was played by the band on the radio program.

Laura Leibowitz5:54 PM
Roger – Hmmm…I suppose.  I don’t know of any time that he actually insisted on changes in that.5:55Despite the plot lines to the contrary.

Rodrigo Araya5:55 PM
In the early 30s, however, there was a line at the end of several radio shows: “by special permission of the copyright owners”.5:55Like in the first Canada Dry show.

Laura Leibowitz5:55 PM
Rodrigo – True, but that was always the case.  You have to pay for the rights to perform something.5:56And Kenny Baker appears through the courtesy of Mervyn Le Roy.5:56In fact, Mahlon penned a few ditties that were sometimes used at the opening with goofy names.

Rodrigo Araya5:56 PM
Miss Alice Faye appears thru the courtesy of 20th Century-Fox.

Laura Leibowitz5:56 PM
“Brown Eyes, Why Are You So Close to my Nose?”

Roger5:57 PM
The radio program, the band would open with music from a recent movie, I wondered if thee movie studio had some involvment with that?

garth_johnson5:57 PM
Kenny and Alice were under contract and not to Jack.

Rodrigo Araya5:57 PM
Paramount in the late 30s.

Laura Leibowitz5:57 PM
Roger – That’s a good point.

garth_johnson5:57 PM
Ah yes the Pain in the A.S.C.A.P days

Rodrigo Araya5:57 PM
Alice’s line was actually a joke.

Roger5:57 PM
It would be like an advertisement for the movie.

Laura Leibowitz5:58 PM
I know that when they were going to parody a current film, they’d usually ask for studio permission which they’d grant based on publicity.5:58Garth – Har har

Rodrigo Araya5:58 PM
By the time she and Phil had a show, Alice had left the studio.5:58Yet, in every broadcast they said that line.

Laura Leibowitz5:58 PM
Roger – Exactly.  When Jack did Gaslight on television and didn’t figure he had to ask since it wasn’t a current release, that’s when things got ugly.5:59Well, Jack was still under contract for movies beyond Horn Blows at Midnight.

Rodrigo Araya5:59 PM
Oh, by the way… Frank Remley appears thru courtesy of his parole board.

Laura Leibowitz5:59 PM
Har har5:59OK, anything else?6:00Thanks for stopping folks!  Great chatting with you!

garth_johnson6:00 PM
Enjoy the rest of the day

Rodrigo Araya6:00 PM
Good night.

Roger6:00 PM
Good night and everyone have a nice week!

Laura Leibowitz6:00 PM
Garth – You too!


Tom V.6:00 PM
Have a great week and see you soon, folks!

Neil Ottenstein6:01 PM
Good night

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