Chat January 17, 2021

kathy_fuller_seeley4:51 PM
Jell-O everyone, I guess I am the first one here

Rodrigo Araya4:51 PM
Hi, Kathy.

Neil Ottenstein4:51 PM

kathy_fuller_seeley4:51 PM
Howdy Rodrigo, how are you today/tonight?4:52Hello Neil!

Rodrigo Araya4:52 PM
Fine, how about you, folks?4:52We’re a little early, folks. Instead of “We’re a little late, folks”…

kathy_fuller_seeley4:52 PM
Barbara Thunell has sent me scripts from Jack’s Las Vegas monologues, I look forward to sharing them

Neil Ottenstein4:53 PM
Doing okay.  Ready to continue the 3 day weekend tomorrow4:53Cool, Kathy

kathy_fuller_seeley4:53 PM
we should do the “pre show” stuff, Barbara says Jack played violin badly and folks would throw pennies at him.

Rodrigo Araya4:53 PM
Wait a minute…

kathy_fuller_seeley4:54 PM
Barbara also attended Red Skelton rehearsal shows and said that they were so blue that her ears burned haha

Rodrigo Araya4:54 PM | mando1manJack Benny Violin Test

garth_johnson4:55 PM

1945 – Jack Benny with Gag Violin

Laura Leibowitz4:56 PM
Hey folks, I was going to make myself a decaf latte, but things start early around here!

Neil Ottenstein4:56 PM
No substitute for quality

Rodrigo Araya4:56 PM
Trying to play the cello like a fiddle…

garth_johnson4:56 PM

1944 – City Of Vancouver Archives – Forum Performance

Rodrigo Araya4:57 PM
Wonder if there are more pics from that Vancouver show…

garth_johnson4:58 PM
Sixteen pictures in the Vancouver Archives of the show, another 20 or so on arrival.

Rodrigo Araya4:58 PM

kathy_fuller_seeley4:58 PM
so, for Darrel Lantz’s buckbenntotr podcast coming up, we commented on Jack Benny’s TV birthday special from Feb 1969. Its a mixed bag, but the singer is a young fellow Jack hoped to promote. a dude named “Rouvaun” who turned out to be a white bread kid from Utah who sang in the Mormon Tabernacle choir. So there’s the thing, in the Feb 69 show they joke about him being able to break a glass with his voice.  But just 6 years later, in 1975, the 43-year old died of his esophagus bursting, while he was singing, you know….. that is some bad luck… (edited) 4:59we could all throw pennies for the Benny-palooza!

garth_johnson5:00 PM
Rouvaun also played Taho with Jack in 19685:01The Birthday Special1969-02-17_-_jb6_-_source_catalog_-_jack_bennys_birthday_special_-_jack_with_rouvaun.jpg 

kathy_fuller_seeley5:01 PM
Jack was always so good about promoting  young talent, I don’t know who else died from singing themselves to death, however…. that was in 1975 after Jack’s passing

Tom V.5:01 PM
Good evening folks.  Hilarious violin testing clip!

Rodrigo Araya5:01 PM
That’s sure some material for Ripley’s…

kathy_fuller_seeley5:02 PM
Rodrigo, given what’s been going on these recent weeks in US history, I thought dark humor was warrented hahaha

Rodrigo Araya5:02 PM
BELIEVE IT OR NOT — A man was 39 years old for 41 years!5:03A car has no brakes, no windows, no suspension — and it still runs!

garth_johnson5:04 PM
Well I thought … (off camera “OH SHUT UP”)1948-11-26_-_jb4_-_coots_hbj809_-_inside_hollywood_-_jack_with_dorothy_kirsten-a.jpg 

1948 – Inside Hollywood By Nat Dallinger – Jack Benny and Dorothy Kirsten, Metropolitan Opera star, enjoy the entertainment at a gathering of celebrities in Hollywood. Jack’s birthday is one which is shared by millions of persons throughout the nation – and for a very good reason. February 14 is not only the day on which the comedian each year celebrates his 39th birthday, it also happens to be St. Valentine’s Day. If Jack ever decides to give up his strenuous radio appearances, he could spend the remainder of his life acting as master-of-ceremonies at social functions. In the latter field, he is as much in demand as was the late Will Rogers, famed screen star.

kathy_fuller_seeley5:07 PM
so, has anybody made plans for the Benny-palooza on the weekend of his birthday in mid-Feb?

garth_johnson5:07 PM
On the thread of “dark humour” —- There is only one place you can find the missing votes — Search the Chimp, he is the only one with pockets deep enough.stolen.jpg 

kathy_fuller_seeley5:07 PM
wonderful find, Garth!

Laura Leibowitz5:08 PM
The irony boggles!

Neil Ottenstein5:08 PM
Ah, I see the page for the convention is live now!

kathy_fuller_seeley5:08 PM
howdy, Laura

Rodrigo Araya5:08 PM
The early Benny programs (broadcast on late-evening hours in the East) seem to have had some dark jokes.

Laura Leibowitz5:09 PM
Yes, I tried to get it up ASAP after I sent the newsletter.

kathy_fuller_seeley5:09 PM
they were dark times during the early Depression!

Laura Leibowitz5:09 PM
But then there’s the show for the end of prohibition…

kathy_fuller_seeley5:10 PM
can’t wait to show you all the one Jack broadcast, the night before FDR’s innauguration in March 33

Roger5:10 PM
Hello everyone!

Laura Leibowitz5:10 PM
Yeah, how’s the next vlume coming?5:10Hi Roger!5:10And Hi everyone to whom I haven’t said hi yet.

Rodrigo Araya5:11 PM
Was that his first Chevrolet show, Kathy?

Doug Kiser5:11 PM
Hey you all!

Laura Leibowitz5:11 PM
Hey Doug!

garth_johnson5:11 PM

1933 – Oakland Tribune – Page 32 – On Lanes Tonight – Benny on for Jolson

kathy_fuller_seeley5:11 PM
Howdy Roger!!!! On the volumes update, Ben Ohmart has put both volumes 2 and 3 into production, yay! And he is so anxious to try to re-publish Sunday Nights at Seven. Really, he is such a great supporter of our work!

Laura Leibowitz5:12 PM
That’s fantastic!  Depending on his timeline, maybe he should offer pre-orders at the convention.

Neil Ottenstein5:12 PM
Filled out the form :slightly_smiling_face:

Laura Leibowitz5:12 PM
Thank you, Neil!

Rodrigo Araya5:13 PM
Was Edith Evans a guest? Or a replacement for Andrea Marsh?

kathy_fuller_seeley5:13 PM
Rodrigo, yes that was the first Chevy show….after Canada Dry had dumped them in late Jan 1933.  At NBC there was a fear that a fired-host could not get a new show. But Al Jolson quit the Chevy show suddenly, and they were willing to give Benny a try5:13great idea on pre-orders Laura!!!!:slightly_smiling_face:15:14Rodrigo, I will have to check on your question, will tell you when I find out!

garth_johnson5:14 PM

1933 – Variety – Jolson Demands Air Release

Laura Leibowitz5:14 PM
REmind me…why did Al quit the Chevvy show?5:14Thank you Garth!

Rodrigo Araya5:14 PM
He didn’t want to do radio in the first place, if I recall correctly…

Laura Leibowitz5:15 PM
He was in his element on stage.

kathy_fuller_seeley5:15 PM
Yes thank you , Garth!!!!! Jolson was getting to be a primadonna and pretty soon after this, everyone caught on and his career tanked’

Rodrigo Araya5:15 PM
More precisely, a weekly radio program.

Laura Leibowitz5:15 PM
Whaddya mean “getting to be”? :smile:

garth_johnson5:15 PM

1948 – FROLICKING FRIARS — Know ’em? The gentleman at right might be recognized by veteran movie goers as Al Jolson. He is pictured in black face for the first time in 21 years. But the “lady” on the left — No, that is not Gracie Allen, that, believe it or not, is Jack Benny, as Gracie Allen. They are shown during intermission of the Friar’s Frolic in which a million-dollar array of talent performed for charity at the Philharmonic Auditorium in Los Angeles.

kathy_fuller_seeley5:15 PM
haha Laura! Jolson and Frank Fay, quite the duo of a++holes

Laura Leibowitz5:15 PM
Oh my yes.5:16Have you ever heard the “personal record” he made for Ruby Keeler when she was sick?

kathy_fuller_seeley5:16 PM
Garth, I have shown this photo to undergrads and tried to explain to then in 1948 that the Benny image was FAR more upsetting!

Laura Leibowitz5:16 PM
I gave a copy to the Al Jolson Society and they buried it.  Understandably so.

kathy_fuller_seeley5:16 PM
Laura no I have not, I hope he was kind,,,,,

Laura Leibowitz5:17 PM
Quite the opposite.5:17My jaw was on the floor.5:18Well, Jack’s drag wasn’t upsetting in Charley’s Aunt though.

Rodrigo Araya5:18 PM
Well, he was smoking a cigar there…

kathy_fuller_seeley5:18 PM
GOSH, well there you go…….as I tell other folks, most entertainers are a&&holes and I am ever so grateful that Jack was so kind, to be able to spend so much time with him! I referenced having to talk about Bob Hope, who was a major a&&hole to so many folks, but there you go

Laura Leibowitz5:20 PM
Yes, Jack’s kindness has made my job much easier for years.

kathy_fuller_seeley5:20 PM
yes Laura, its fascinating to see how public reaction to drag or cross-dressing changed over the decades…. from this is OK. to this is crazy funny because it should not be done. to HORRIBLE, to gay rights, to today more acceptance to be whatever you want to be….

garth_johnson5:20 PM

1941 – Brewton Standard – Page 00 – At The Ritz Sunday and Monday — Famed theatrical cartoonist Al Hirschfield, whose drawings appear In big papers all over the country, did the above ‘on the set’ caricature of Jack Benny as “Charley’s Aunt.” Lovely Arleen Whelan and rising young star Anne Baxter are the two comely lasses and it looks like “Charley’s Aunt1 Benny has his -hands full.

kathy_fuller_seeley5:21 PM
great newspaper example, Garth!!! You never cease to amaze me with your wonderful finds!!!!

Laura Leibowitz5:21 PM
I don’t think it was ever a serious problem in England, which had a rich history with it.5:22Not saying you’re wrong, just counterpointing.

kathy_fuller_seeley5:22 PM
exactly, Laura, what an uptight Puritan culture America has. The most crazy thing is that it got WORSE in the 50s, and then has gotten better afterwards

Laura Leibowitz5:22 PM
Very much agreed.  And remember who founded the European settlements here!

Rodrigo Araya5:22 PM
I think it’s more of a rollercoaster…

Laura Leibowitz5:23 PM
That’s a fair statement, Rodrigo.

kathy_fuller_seeley5:23 PM
my undergraduate students want to think that history is a straight line from awfulness up to wonderful enlightenment, and I try to show them that sometimes things get worse before they get “better”

Neil Ottenstein5:23 PM
Well, there were the Pepperpots in Monty Python and of course many characters on the radio in The Goon Show.

Laura Leibowitz5:24 PM
Exactly, Neil.

garth_johnson5:24 PM
Try doing the Scottish play in an all boys school like Eaton or Oxford.

Rodrigo Araya5:24 PM
The 1880s-late 1910s were more restrained than the mid-19th/Civil War/Reconstruction years.

kathy_fuller_seeley5:24 PM
YES rollercoaster Rodrigo, that is an insightful statement….not just bad to “good”

Rodrigo Araya5:24 PM
Same for the mid-1930s to early 60s compared to 1917-35.

kathy_fuller_seeley5:25 PM
if you look at the movie advertising for “Charley’s Aunt” in 1941 its fascinating about how fearful they were of men in women’s clothing’5:25versus the great fun everyone thought the Benny radio version of “The Women” was in 1939!

garth_johnson5:25 PM

1942 – Movie Radio Guide – Jack Benny on the set of Charley’s Aunt

Laura Leibowitz5:26 PM

Roger5:26 PM
Then came Mr. Televison Milton Berle…..

Rodrigo Araya5:26 PM
He made up for it by his tales about his… “performance”.

kathy_fuller_seeley5:27 PM
yes Garth, thank you!!! When Benny did Gracie Allen in the 1950s it made the cover of “Confidential” scandal magazine!!!!

Laura Leibowitz5:29 PM
And interesting to note that England was OK with drag while still having homosexuality illegal, and the unspeakable things that happened to great minds like Oscar Wilde and Alan Turing.5:29The pictures that made Benny BURN!

Rodrigo Araya5:29 PM
The strange thing is that drag was quite common in cartoons of the era…5:29Namely, Warner cartoons.

garth_johnson5:30 PM
Page One of the article1949-00-00_-_mag_-_radio_best_-_jack_benny_gets_into_the_act_with_george_burns-1.jpg 

1949 – Radio Best – Jack Benny Gets Into The Act While George Burns

Neil Ottenstein5:30 PM
Bugs Bunny quite frequently

kathy_fuller_seeley5:30 PM
when Jack did his Gracie Allen routine on live TV in 1953, there are great documents in the Wyoming collection about CBS network execs terrified of what the critical response would be.

garth_johnson5:31 PM
And two.1949-00-00_-_mag_-_radio_best_-_jack_benny_gets_into_the_act_with_george_burns-2.jpg 

1949 – Radio Best – Jack Benny Gets Into The Act While George Burns

kathy_fuller_seeley5:31 PM
Reaction to the TV show in 1953 were split, but it generated HUGE ratings, and spurred Jack to record the show on an upcoming show in like 1954? I don’t remember the date of the episode that we can see on tape

Laura Leibowitz5:31 PM
Didn’t Milt say something about Jack enjoying shaving his legs?5:32Kathy – You’re right, it’s the later one.5:32Just a kine of the first one.

kathy_fuller_seeley5:32 PM
well, this TV episode shows me that Jack had quite a lot of body hair, which was shocking and fun, haha

Joe Michael5:32 PM
I think I made it in the room!

Laura Leibowitz5:33 PM
Hey Joe!

Joe Michael5:33 PM
new member here

Laura Leibowitz5:33 PM
Kathy – I’m sure Barbara may have commented on that as well!

Joe Michael5:33 PM
just checking things out and saying hi

Laura Leibowitz5:33 PM
Welcome, Joe!

kathy_fuller_seeley5:33 PM
Hello Joe, whaddya know? as someone might say : )

Joe Michael5:33 PM
i hear that a lot5:33


Laura Leibowitz5:33 PM
I’ll bet.

garth_johnson5:33 PM
Special consultant to Mr. Benny.1952-03-09_-_jb5_-_imago0099713472_-_jack_getting_made_up_for_gracie_bit.jpg 

1952 – THE JACK BENNY PROGRAM, Gracie Allen left assists as Jack Benny center is made up for his impersonation of her, 1950-1965 Courtesy Everett Collection ACHTUNG AUFNAHMEDATUM GESCHÄTZT PUBLICATIONxINxGERxSUIxAUTxONLY Copyright: xCourtesyxEverettxCollectionx TBDJABE EC100

Joe Michael5:34 PM
well, greetings to everyone from Alaska!

Doug Kiser5:34 PM
Hello, Joe!

Laura Leibowitz5:34 PM
Good thing we have some Chile for you, Joe!

kathy_fuller_seeley5:34 PM
wow, Alaska! So Joe, do you have favorite Benny shows, radio or TV or what?

garth_johnson5:34 PM
Hey Joe, how was the Vaduedville Show

Joe Michael5:35 PM
Oh for sure…I have as much of his radio and video archive I can find on regular rotation.

Doug Kiser5:35 PM
We like traveling to Alaska but didn’t get to go this year.  Where in Alaska are you?

kathy_fuller_seeley5:35 PM
that is terrific!

Joe Michael5:35 PM
my first time hearing Benny I was just a kid…like 10 maybe?5:35The episode where the IRS visits Jack

Laura Leibowitz5:35 PM
That does seem to be the age that he takes hold of many of us!

Joe Michael5:35 PM
it was gifted to me in a set of OTR cassettes (edited) 

Rodrigo Araya5:36 PM
“Mr. Benny. We come from the Internal Revenue Service.” (edited) 

Laura Leibowitz5:36 PM
How do you do.

Joe Michael5:36 PM
from then on, I was pretty hooked.  the other shows included were good enough, but nothing like Benny

garth_johnson5:36 PM
199x-00-00_-_alb_-_metacom_catalog_-_the_best_of_old_time_radio_on_cassettes_-_the_irs_pays_a_visit.jpg :exploding_head:1

Joe Michael5:36 PM
oh. my. god.

Laura Leibowitz5:36 PM
Ah yes.  Remember it well.

Joe Michael5:37 PM
i think that’s it

Neil Ottenstein5:37 PM

Joe Michael5:37 PM
i have not seen that in 30 years

Laura Leibowitz5:37 PM

Joe Michael5:37 PM

Laura Leibowitz5:37 PM
That’s our Garth!

garth_johnson5:38 PM

1990s – Metacom Cassette – Jack Benny Shopping Shows – Includes the lost 1946 episode: “Shoelaces for Don”

Laura Leibowitz5:38 PM
Hey, let’s do the Garth challenge.  (Putting you on the spot, man…) Name anything to do with Jack and see if he can find an image to go with it.

garth_johnson5:38 PM
44313081_2033772160246122_7126912544496680960_n.jpg 5:38Shoot

Photograph caption dated February 9, 1962 reads “She’ll play ‘Annie Get Your Gun’ this summer with realism…guns are her hobby.” Miss MacKenzie was appointed honorary mayor of Encino. Photographer: George Brich

Laura Leibowitz5:39 PM
Jack and Lyman Woods!

garth_johnson5:40 PM
That’s easy — there are actually two in this set but one is a newspaper clipping1914-12-20_-_art_-_jptm_bp995_jc_-_benny_and_woods_piano-cropped.jpg 

1914 – Benny And Woods – Jack Benny on Violin and Lyman Woods on Piano (FEIN: Jack, right, with his partner Lyman Woods in 1916)

Joe Michael5:40 PM
in the set I had, there was just one Benny episode (IRS).  It was in a big clamshell case with other cassettes: Burns & Allen, Lum & Abner, Fibber McGee & Molly….a Lone Ranger I think.5:40but the cassette label was identical to that one Garth posted.

garth_johnson5:40 PM
1914-12-20_-_nwp_-_san_antonio_express_-_pg_b_47_-_benny_and_woods_photo.jpg :+1:1

1914 – San Antonio Express – Page B-47 – Benny and Wood Publicity Photo

Laura Leibowitz5:41 PM
Jack and a massive NBC microphone~

Tom V.5:41 PM
Jack Benny and Lucille Ball.

garth_johnson5:41 PM

1934 – Magazine Clipping – Jack Benny at Early NBC Microphone (Possibly from Radio-Mirror)

kathy_fuller_seeley5:41 PM
Joe, my first cassette was Polly the parrott objecting to Jack going to p-a-l-m-s-p-r-i-n-g-s  and I remember it like it was yesterday , although it was 1971….

Laura Leibowitz5:42 PM
Nice JOB!!!  I hadn’t seen that one!5:42My first Jack Benny was on 8-track.  Insert your own joke here.

Joe Michael5:43 PM
this is a weird one, but didn’t he have an association with Desilu?  So then are there any Benny/Star Trek crossover pictures?

garth_johnson5:43 PM
Recording for 1951-01-17 – Family Theater production of The Golden Touch1951-01-17_-_jb5_-_source_catalog_-_family_theater_-_the_golden_touch_-_jack_with_lucille_ball.jpg 

1951 – Family Theater – Jack Benny and Lucille Ball

Laura Leibowitz5:43 PM

Tom V.5:43 PM
Wow!  Good one, Garth!

Laura Leibowitz5:43 PM
Joe – Actually, kinda but it needs the audio.  Jack pre-empted Star Trek once.5:44Let’s see…

Joe Michael5:45 PM
i was thinking more like candid photos.  i see stuff like that all the time, shatner or nimoy in costume but hanging around on a studio set somewhere and happened to take a photo with some other celeb

Laura Leibowitz5:45 PM
The trouble is that by the time Star Trek was on, Jack was no longer shooting at Desilu.  He was doing his TV specials at NBC.

Joe Michael5:45 PM

Laura Leibowitz5:46 PM
But if it’s out there, Garth will find it!

garth_johnson5:46 PM
1945 – Jack  Benny  C1945  Don  Wilson  Mary  Livingston  Radio  Show  Film  History  Candids  Film Stills1945-06-15_-_jb4_-_shutterstock_5861903a_-_jack_benny_c1945.jpg 

Editorial use only. No book cover usage. Mandatory Credit: Photo by Kobal/Shutterstock (5861903a) Don Wilson, Mary Livingston, Jack Benny Jack Benny (c1945) Candid

Rodrigo Araya5:47 PM
Don’s hair got gray quickly…

Laura Leibowitz5:47 PM
Wow, in color!

Rodrigo Araya5:48 PM
But I’m not totally sure the pic’s from 45…

Laura Leibowitz5:48 PM
Look at the width on Jack’s collar.5:48Jack’s hair was gray in the 30s.

garth_johnson5:48 PM
Shutterstock’s captions leave a lot to be desired – so it may be mis-dated

Laura Leibowitz5:49 PM
They often say look at the women’s hair to know when a film was made.  Her hair looks 1945.

Joe Michael5:49 PM
Mary’s shoulderpads though

garth_johnson5:49 PM
Jack and Don in ‘581958-03-23_-_jb5_-_getty_462787889_wm1_-_a_couple_of_pals.jpg 

1958 – A COUPLE OF PALS — Jack Benny puts a protective arm around his announcer and good friend through many years, Don Wilson, who plays an important part on “The Jack Benny Program,” Sunday, March 23 (CBS Television, 7:30-8:00 PM, EST).

Joe Michael5:49 PM

Rodrigo Araya5:49 PM
Is it true Jack had his hair gray by 29? Or is that an exaggeration?

Laura Leibowitz5:49 PM
Maybe we can get a closeup on that script like they did for the My Pillow guy.5:50True…not sure when shoulder pads like that were in other than the 1980s.

garth_johnson5:50 PM
1920 – Los Angeles Herald – Ben K. Benny and Phil Baker with Pearl Dunbar In An Elevator1920-07-28_-_nws_-_los_angeles_herald_-_pg_00_-_benny_with_baker_and_pearl_dunbar_in_elevator.jpg 

1920 – Los Angeles Herald – Ben K. Benny and Phil Baker with Pearl Dunbar In An Elevator

5:51Starting to go gray here…

Laura Leibowitz5:51 PM
Rodrigo – I’ve seen stuff for Hollywood Revue that has gray hair on him.5:52It’s hard to say, because he dyed it for the movies and then television.5:53 Movie Star Jack Benny Single Swap Playing Card Jack of SpadesSingle Swap Card: MGM Movie Star Jack Benny Jack of Spades.

garth_johnson5:54 PM
A rarity – Jack at a CBS Microphone. Publicity for Canada Dry1932-10-00_-_jb3_-_source_catalog_-_jack_october_1932_columbia_broadcasting_system.jpg 

1932 – Canada Dry Program (CBS) – Jack Benny

Rodrigo Araya5:54 PM
Jack’s hair was gray in a 1927 photo with Mary (not sure if that was their wedding pic).

Laura Leibowitz5:54 PM
The one with him holding his hat?

Rodrigo Araya5:54 PM

Laura Leibowitz5:54 PM
Cool!  I almost said Jack in the 30s with a CBS mike!

garth_johnson5:54 PM

1927 – Sadye and Jack Benny Cutting a cake under a ladder (Photo by Harold Stein)

Joe Michael5:55 PM
I just went down an internet rabbit hole yesterday about Frank Fontaine (edited) 

Laura Leibowitz5:55 PM
Frankie Fontaine?

Joe Michael5:55 PM
yes i meant Frank

garth_johnson5:55 PM
1962-04-13_-_jb6_-_historicimages_xxb00709_-_jack_benny_and_frank_fontaine_l_c_sivoney_sweepstakes_winner-a.jpg 5:55This Guy!

Laura Leibowitz5:56 PM
And then in 1972 he suddenly went ginger… kB)

Joe Michael5:56 PM
I heard his guest appearance on Jack tries to buy a ticket to the USC game episode5:56Fontaine had quite a start

Rodrigo Araya5:56 PM
Speaking of Mary, there were two interesting pieces on her last week on the group…

Laura Leibowitz5:56 PM
Fontaine was amazing.  Had such a sad story, but so much talent.

Rodrigo Araya5:57 PM
One was about her “stage fright”. The other was a family pic from c. 1940.

Laura Leibowitz5:57 PM
Could make Jack break up faster than Mel Blanc!5:57Rodrigo – Yes, I need to get back to the stage fright thread.  Anything interesting?

Rodrigo Araya5:58 PM
Some members suggested Mary retired in ’58 out of jealousy regarding Gracie. (edited) 5:58And that George apparently only stood her because of Jack.

Laura Leibowitz5:58 PM
Hmmm…because Gracie retired?5:59Mary’s last tv eps were filmed in the summer of 55 if I remember correctly.5:59Hey Kathy, did we lose you6:00A lot of people only stood Mary because of Jack.

garth_johnson6:00 PM
LL – What about the other Frankie — Frankie Fanelli who worked the Congo Room at the Sahara with Jack in 1967.295330.jpg 

Rodrigo Araya6:00 PM
I recall reading an old Spanish “Reader’s Digest” story about the misadventurous life of vaudevillian Jimmy Savo.

Laura Leibowitz6:01 PM
Garth – Or Frank Sinatra Jr., who appeared on Jack’s show once.

garth_johnson6:01 PM
1930 – Earl Carroll Vanities – Jack Benny, Herb Williams, Patsy Kelly and Jimmie Savo1930-07-01_-_jb3_-_jg_autographs_catalog_-_earl_carroll_vanities_-_benny_williams_patsy_kelly_jimmie_savo-a.jpg 

1930 – Earl Carroll Vanities – Jack Benny, Herb Williams, Patsy Kelly and Jimmie Savo

6:01Or Frankie Avalon…

Laura Leibowitz6:01 PM
Go Garth go!

Rodrigo Araya6:02 PM
For instance, Savo was spared from a diptheria epidemic because his parents had to give him watered-down condensed milk instead of the real deal…

Laura Leibowitz6:02 PM
Not to be confused with Pat C. Kelly

garth_johnson6:02 PM
Or Flick!

Rodrigo Araya6:02 PM
Or Pat C. Flick (crickets)6:02Darn, Garth! Beat me to it!

Laura Leibowitz6:03 PM
There ya go…that’s who I meant!

garth_johnson6:03 PM
And Savo with that Sullivan guy1924-00-00_-_fa1_-_grupporicercafotografica_catalog_-_shuberts_vogues_-_fred_allen_jimmy_savo.jpg 

1924 – Jimmy Savo and Fred Allen, The featured buffoons of Shubert’s Vogues came out of vaudeville and landed solidly amoung our leading low comedians.

Laura Leibowitz6:03 PM

garth_johnson6:04 PM
Here is a Vanity shot .1945-00-00_-_jb4_-_flickeringshadows_catalog_-_errol_flynn_and_jack_benny.jpg 

1945 – Jack Benny with Earl Carroll and Errol Flynn

Joe Michael6:04 PM
i was googling something else and came across this: Andy Kaufman dressed as Jack Benny & Elvis Presleykaufman.jpg 

Laura Leibowitz6:04 PM
Whoa!6:05I had no idea!

Rodrigo Araya6:05 PM
Thank you veddy much!

Laura Leibowitz6:06 PM
Well, checking in…want to keep going or call it good for this week?  Having such great chat that I had no reason to offer a show!

Rodrigo Araya6:06 PM
Good night.

Joe Michael6:07 PM
Jack as Hamlet 1942benny hamlet.jpg 

Laura Leibowitz6:07 PM
OK, I guess there’s the answer.6:07Joe – You should see the overhead shot of them shooting that scene!

Joe Michael6:07 PM

garth_johnson6:07 PM

1942 – HAMLET? JUST HAM THINKS ALLEN — Maurice Evans restrains the dagger hand of Fred Allen before a picture of Jack Benny, dressed as Hamlet, a part he portrays in a forthcoming movie. The picture was presented to Allen and Allen, not knowing what to do with the unwelcome gift, took it to Maurice Evan, foremost authority on Shapespeare, to find out what to do with it. Evans couldn’t see that fine Italian hand stuff of Allen’s. The near stabbing take place backstage at the national Theatre.

Laura Leibowitz6:07 PM
Joe – That’s fine!  Very normal around here.6:08Few hard and fast rules other than “be kind.”6:08OK, thanks folks for a great chat!  Enjoy yourselves!

garth_johnson6:09 PM
Everybody remember the rules!1934-10-00_-_jb3_-_jptm_acr-009_jc_-_bring_on_the_girls_-_2-jack_with_cast-a.jpg 

1934 – Jack Benny in ‘Bring On The Girls’ with Porter Hale, Muriel Campbell and Claire Carlton

Tom V.6:09 PM
Good night, folks.  I’ll be seeing you soon.

Neil Ottenstein6:11 PM
That was a fun chat.6:11Good night

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