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garth_johnson5:00 PM
Saida everybody! Saida.And for those of you that haven’t been to Cairo in 1943, that means “Good Day”, not “your laundry won’t be back for 5 days!”

Doug Kiser5:01 PM

Rodrigo Araya5:02 PM
Remember last week I reflected on the lack of fiction content in comedy podcasts and wondered about the parodies Jack would do if he were doing the show in this day and age?

garth_johnson5:03 PM
A bit crowded here tonight1943-08-00_-_uso_-_fold3_catalog_-_national_archives_usaaf_photos_middle_east_egypt_personnel_-_jack_benny_at_payne_airfield_cairo.jpg 

Rodrigo Araya5:04 PM
Well, I came up with this exchange if the Benny troupe did “Once Upon a Time in… Hollywood”RICK DALTON (Jack): Cliff. Mr. Hassenpfeffer told me my future was like Phil Harris’ music.
CLIFF BOOTH (Don): How come?
RICK: Turbulent, stagnant… abominable!

Doug Kiser5:06 PM
Rodrigo where is the pic from?

Rodrigo Araya5:06 PM
For those wondering, those were the words on a (fictional) write-up on the “Musical Curio… er, Courier” on Phil’s performance on one Jell-o show.5:06Ah, the pic was from Garth.

garth_johnson5:06 PM
Picture information is all in the filename5:07Fold3 is one of the Ancestry corps services – newspapers and such militaria

Rodrigo Araya5:07 PM
Phil thought the use of the words “abominable, stagnant and turbulent” were a rave review because the reviewer used “them big words”.

garth_johnson5:09 PM
Did he read that review in that mystery magazine “Hoo’s Gordon”?

Rodrigo Araya5:09 PM
No. In the “Musical Curio”… er, “Courier”.

garth_johnson5:11 PM
MP3 1943-09-13_-_uso_special_-_a_special_broadcast_from_cairo_egypt.mp3

Rodrigo Araya5:12 PM
KFI – Los Angeles. The buzzer will indicate it’s seven o’clock.

garth_johnson5:12 PM
Page one of the script – From the University Of Wyoming – American Heritage Center Photographs – Larry Adler Papers;1943-09-13_-_uso_-_uw_ah08198_1032_-_north_africa_-_cairo_broadcast_-_script_page_01.jpg 

Rodrigo Araya5:12 PM
I mean four o’clock!5:13I got the time mixed up.

garth_johnson5:13 PM
Is it “Time Change” again, I don’t want to be at Union Station when The Chief arrives

Rodrigo Araya5:14 PM
Or thinking it’s 3 p.m. and you end up listening to Charlie McCarthy.

garth_johnson5:15 PM
I have a Sara Burner show to listen to — was going through some June 1950 papers and saw she got her own show – Sara’s Private Caper – one episode exists in the OTRLibrary, still have to find out how long it ran.

Rodrigo Araya5:16 PM
I think it only ran a season or less.5:16Apparently, audiences were confused about its content.5:17Was it a comedy or a detective show?5:17The same thing happened with the “Police Squad!” show.

garth_johnson5:18 PM
It was advertised as a “Sam Spade” type show, but a comedy

Rodrigo Araya5:19 PM
When did Sara become unreliable as an actress? 1952?5:20She was appearing on several radio shows and was supposed to voice “Chilly Willy” (she did the song for the character’s debut), and then lawsuits piled up.

garth_johnson5:22 PM
Don’t rightly know — ’58 is when she divorced – and around that time had some custody issues with her child.

Rodrigo Araya5:22 PM
Yes, but the lawsuits (including the Benny one) were from 1953. Anyway, it was quite a fall.5:23Maybe my dates are mixed up as well…5:24I remember one scene in “It’s in the Bag!” and Fred Allen said the JB fan club was composed by three people.

garth_johnson5:25 PM
My clippings don’t show much as I’ve been more focused in the pre 1932 era of late

Rodrigo Araya5:25 PM
Early 20s?5:26Wonder if there was any report of a young girl heckling Benny in Vancouver…

garth_johnson5:27 PM
The whole Benny Vaudeville era – lots of interesting work trying to piece together the where and who of things5:281920-03-08_-_nws_-_vancouver_sun_-_pg_00_-_orpheum_-_bright_and_clever_bill_with_marx_brothers_in_amusing_act.jpg 

1920 – Vancouver Sun, Orpheum Review, Vancouver British Columbia – “… while Ben K. benny, a talented boy with a violin and the gift of comedy, offers an exceedingly entertaining turn. Ben looks like the twin brother of the accordeon “nut” we heard last week at this theatre.” (That would be Phil Baker -g)

Rodrigo Araya5:28 PM
Who would have been that “accordion ‘nut'”? Phil Baker?

garth_johnson5:29 PM
Yup – its Baker, they played tag all season until they both landed in L.A.

Rodrigo Araya5:29 PM
Wonder if there ever was a Kenny Harris…5:30JACK: I know that was corny!
PHIL: C’mon, Jackson! That was high-class!

garth_johnson5:31 PM

1944 – Vancouver Sun – Benny Recalls When Wife mary Was Sadie Marks of King George High

Rodrigo Araya5:32 PM
That photo makes Jack look older than he ever did.

garth_johnson5:33 PM
That’s not Jack5:34Vancouver’s Mayor1942-04-23_-_van_-_cofv_archives_cva_1184-173_-_vancouver_mayor_j_w_cornett.jpg 

Rodrigo Araya5:35 PM
Gosh! I should have read to the end of the description.5:35And I’d like to say he’s commencing to lose his hair.5:35He likely had his hair cut with his hat on.5:36(a crack Jack made at composer Fred Fisher in a film)

garth_johnson5:36 PM

1944 – City Of Vancouver Archives – Forum Performance

Rodrigo Araya5:37 PM
I listened to the Vancouver show some time ago, and things sounded quite emotional over the end, considering Dennis was leaving for the Navy.5:39Funny how Jimmy Melton, Frank Parker and Kenny all called Jack by his first name, but Dennis and Larry almost never did.5:39Except for the sake of a joke, of course.

garth_johnson5:39 PM
For those joining us late … The Five Jerks To Cairo special broadcast is earlier in this session … but we seem to have jumped to Vancouver …1943-07-00_-_uso_-_source_catalog_-_north_africa_-_cairo_-_five_jerks_to_cairo.jpg 

1943 – USO Tour – North Africa – Five Jerks To Cairo – Jack Benny, Wini Shaw, Unidentified Colonel, Anna Lee, Larry Adler

Rodrigo Araya5:40 PM
I think Neil is here.

garth_johnson5:40 PM
Yes I see Neil and Tom have popped in too.

Rodrigo Araya5:41 PM
Doug actually wrote a couple of times, but Tom hasn’t yet.5:42C’mon fellas!5:42Clap as if I were Kay Kyser! Hi’yall!

garth_johnson5:43 PM
One hump or two?194x-00-00_-_cst_-_source_catalog_-_sara_burner_and_camel.jpg 

1940’s – Sara Burner and Camel

Tom V.5:43 PM
Hey guys……I’m was listening  to the Jack Benny in Cairo radio show, while enjoying your conversations.

Rodrigo Araya5:44 PM
Oh, thanks.5:44Now it’s Neil’s turn to say something.

garth_johnson5:46 PM
He’s as silent as this guy ..1943-10-14_-_uso_-_historicimages_cvp78861_-_north_africa_-_benny_fiddles_while_hitler_burns-a.jpg 

Neil Ottenstein5:46 PM
Yes, also watching NLCS game 7

Rodrigo Araya5:46 PM
Who’s winning?

Neil Ottenstein5:46 PM
Braves at the moment 2-0

Rodrigo Araya5:47 PM
And who won the ALCS? Lost interest when the Yanks crashed out.

Neil Ottenstein5:47 PM
I saved the Cairo show for the morning

garth_johnson5:48 PM
Early in the morning — it gets hot in desert.1943-08-11_-_uso_-_uw_ah08198_0397_-_north_africa_-_pyramids.jpg 

Rodrigo Araya5:49 PM
Is it me, or the Yanks are becoming like the Brooklyn Dodgers?5:49“What happened to (Jack) and the Dodgers shouldn’t happen to a dog!”

garth_johnson5:50 PM

1974 – Jack Benny with L.A. Dodgers

5:511936 – Piru News  –Jack Benny at bat and George Burns (of Burns and Allen) catcher.  Two of the famous stars who will play in the “world’s greatest baseball game,” “The Comedians” versus “Leading Men,” at Wrigley Field, Los Angeles, Saturday 2 P.M., July 18. Over 50 noted comedians and screen romeos will play a regulation nine-inning game using the regulation Pacific Coast baseball league ball.  For thrills, fun and charity (every penny going to charity) it promises to be the “battle of the century.” Tickets are on sale at Southern California Music Company and all their branch stores.1936-07-09_-_nws_-_piru_news_-_worlds_greatest_baseball_game.jpg 

Rodrigo Araya5:51 PM
It’s not like the Dodgers have had any good luck recently…

garth_johnson5:52 PM

Rodrigo Araya5:52 PM
I heard they’re building a new Braves stadium that will include the “Hank Aaron Wall”.

Neil Ottenstein5:53 PM

garth_johnson5:55 PM
Well we’ve touched on vaudeville, USO and Baseball tonight enjoy watching the game it’s time for me to retire for the evening and we’ll see you here next week.

Rodrigo Araya5:55 PM
Good night.

Doug Kiser5:56 PM
Good night all!

Tom V.5:56 PM
Have a good week, everyone!

Neil Ottenstein5:56 PM
Good night. 

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