Antenna TV showing Jack's re-runs

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Antenna TV showing Jack's re-runs

Postby Steve Smith » Sun May 27, 2018 2:09 pm

And there are many I've never seen before ... It comes on early morning here In Richmond VA. 8)
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Re: Antenna TV showing Jack's re-runs

Postby loveinbloom99 » Thu May 31, 2018 8:29 pm

Antenna TV is how I first got into Jack Benny! I'm a (older-skewing) millennial so outside of a few pop culture references here and there I didn't really know too much about him. I've always had an affinity for classic TV/movies though.

However, there was a time around 2011 where I was having a very tough time with my job and life in generally, to the point where I had to go on medical leave from work due to my anxiety and depression. It was around that time that I was attracted to "mellow" TV shows, like Antiques Roadshow and All in the Family/Maude reruns on Antenna TV. Comfort food for the soul. I would end up leaving on my TV as I fell asleep on Antenna TV and began watching Burns & Allen and Jack Benny before going to bed. I thought B&A was fine but I grew very quickly to love Jack Benny; his character, his impeccable timing, the humor that has aged remarkably well, the warmth, etc. It ended up being appointment viewing for me and is one of the few things I remember fondly of that time in my life. Even though things in my life have thankfully turned around, Jack's TV and radio programs are both things I still enjoy regularly.

That was probably a combination of tl;dr and TMI :roll: but I just wanted to shout out Antenna TV for bringing JB to a new generation (and to me)! They rotate their schedule seasonally so if their current 2am PT/5am ET isn't your cup of tea, hopefully they will move it to a more convenient time in the future...
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