TCM's "Summer Under the Stars"

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TCM's "Summer Under the Stars"

Postby Chasitykins » Tue Apr 26, 2011 1:43 pm

TCM has released their schedule for their annual Summer Under the Stars which is in August every year... Lot of great people as usual! This year, Jack Benny regular Ronald Colman has his own day. Other notables who worked with Jack Benny include Orson Welles, Jimmy Stewart, Lucille Ball, and Claudette Colbert, among others. Carole Lombard has her own day as well, and they will be showing "To Be or Not To Be".

1- Marlon Brandon
2- Paulette Goddard
3- Bette Davis
4- Ronald Colman
5- John Garfield
6- Lucille Ball
7- Ralph Bellamy
8- Orson Welles
9- Ann Dvorak
10- Shirley MacLaine
11- Ben Johnson
12- Claudette Colbert
13- James Stewart
14- Charles Laughton
15- Lon Chaney
16- Joanne Woodward
17- Humphrey Bogart
18- Jean Gabin
19- Debbie Reynolds
20- Montgomery Clift
21- Cary Grant
22- Joan Crawford
23- Conrad Veidt
24- Joan Blondell
25- Burt Lancaster
26- Peter Lawford
27- Linda Darnell
28- Carole Lombard
29- Anne Francis
30- Howard Keel ... 2011-08-01
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