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Great Radio Technology Museum

PostPosted: Wed Aug 04, 2010 11:21 am
by Moose Hatrack
While on vacation in Minneapolis, MN I spent half a day visiting the Pavek Museum of Broadcasting.
They have an impressive collection ranging from Edison cylinders to color TV. The tour guide was excellent! She told the story of Bing's role in recording technology development and then played back a bit of his show on a period Ampex reel to reel machine playing through two behind-the-screen cinema speakers. (One of the speakers was taken from the World Theater in St. Paul when Minnesota Public Radio turned it into the Fitzgerald theater for Garrison Keillor.) There is a still photo of a proud (and liberated) Bing posing with the same Ampex model that is playing.
Transcription machines, microphones, cameras, record players of every vintage, a Theremin... massive displays of all kinds of radios from crystal to transistor.
Stand back for the spark gap transmitter demo!
I'm not affiliated with the Pavek Museum in any way, but if I lived in Minneapolis I might be!