Article on the Xmas shows?

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Article on the Xmas shows?

Postby LLeff » Sun May 23, 2010 4:42 pm

Hi folks,

We've had a request from a member for an article on the Christmas shows, and I'd like to throw it out and see if anyone would like to take the reins on it in anticipation of publication in the December issue (would be the first issue for 2011). Here are his comments on his interest (I was trying to encourage him to write it):

"What I would love to read in an article feels like something I wouldn't know how to write (how they became such a tradition, did all radio shows do Christmas episodes, what were Jack's or Mel's feelings about them - particularly the recurring shopping-themed episodes, etc.)"

Anyone want to tackle this? I'm already anticipating an article on the "New Tenant" shows, so this would be a nice accompaniment. If so, let me know offline at!
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