Review: The Jack Benny Times - 1984-1995 Bound Volume

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Review: The Jack Benny Times - 1984-1995 Bound Volume

Postby Jack Benny » Thu Jul 29, 2004 12:10 am

I received my copy of the "The Jack Benny Times - 1984-1995 Bound Volume" a couple of months ago. Sorry I didn't post this review sooner, but it's over 500 pages long. Anyway, in a nutshell, it rocks! 8)

I have been trying to buy old articles about Jack Benny written in the 30's-the 70's, but on ebay most folks want about $5 per article. Sure, a few are nice enough to mount on your wall, and I have, but $5 is a lot to just read a two page article. However, in Laura's great collection of newsletters, you get over 50 vintage articlesabout Jack and the gang! I didn't expect this and it is wonderful to read what folks were thinking about Jack throughout his career.

There are also dozens of exclusive interviews by Laura and others, with Jack's cast and asociates. These are wonderfully in depth interviews, conducted by knowledgeble interviewers. The questions asked are much more thoughtful than you might hear on "The Tonight Show."

It's also neat to see Laura and the Fan Club change over time! The only problem I see with the volume, is inconsisten phot quality from issue to issue and article to article. onsidering th vintage of many of the articles this is not surprising, but most of the aticles are legible enough to read, and the last half of the volume improves in photo quality tremendously.

For me on a scale of 1 to 10 this volume rates a 14 :lol: , mostly because of the exclusive and very hard to find content. Please remember that I am a Benny die hard fan. For the novice fan, I would suggest picking up all of the biographies of Jack Benny first, starting with Jack and Joan Benny's book, "Sunday Nights at 7."

I want to thank Laura Leff for making this available to us!
Your pal,
Buck Benny

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