Do you know this show?

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Do you know this show?

Postby LLeff » Mon Jan 23, 2012 8:22 pm

Hi folks,

Here's a query I just got...this person remembers attending a Jack Benny radio show performance. He is from New York, so he says it would have had to be in New York. He recalls that it starts with Jack and Rochester being late for the show, getting in the Maxwell (with sound effects provided by Mel Blanc), and picking up a pregnant woman on the way. As they are rushing her to the hospital, he recalled that a really voluptuous blonde (Veola Vonn?) wriggled her way out on stage, over to the microphone, and delivered the line "Wahhh!" to show that the baby had been born in the back of the Maxwell.

So I'm trying to triangulate what this might have been:
* I have a feeling it wasn't in New York, because the Maxwell wouldn't have been in New York. Jack always talked about being at a hotel, like the Acme Plaza, when in New York.
* I have reviewed all the descriptions of the New York regular series shows from 1939 on (the person would have been too young prior to that) and I don't see anything like that.
* While Jack and Rochester did pick up at least one hitchhiker at some point, I don't remember anything about a baby being born in the Maxwell.
* I looked through all of Veola Vonn's appearances and don't see anything about her playing a baby.
* I looked through all the baby voiceovers, and they were generally done by Jerry Hausner or a male actor (except on one occasion)
* Maybe a guest shot? Would have been surprising to do something that is so completely in keeping with the regular show *AND* take Jack, Rochester, Mel, and maybe Veola with him to do it.

I think he's misremembering some details, but can anyone else untangle these wires? Marty and I are seeing this individual in person tomorrow (1/24/12), so I'd love to come armed with an answer. Thanks in advance!
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Re: Do you know this show?

Postby JohnM » Sat Jun 09, 2012 2:53 pm

Old thread, but.....shouldn't we be asking you this? :-)

I DO remember an episode in NY with the Maxwell. It was the somewhat controversial Amos and Andy cross-over episode. I remember wondering why the heck the Maxwell was in NYC. I don't remember the pregnant hitchhiker part though.
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