Looking for a '60's Jack Benny Special that my Mother was in

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Looking for a '60's Jack Benny Special that my Mother was in

Postby Frank Diaz » Fri Mar 19, 2010 9:47 am

Hello friends!

My mother was a burlesque dancer back in the 1950's and 1960's. She worked a lot in the Sacramento, CA area. She recalls that in the very early '60's she was called to dance and act a bit part in a program with Jack Benny. To the best of her recollection, the show was called "The Search for Mister Big". Filming may have been done in the Sacramento area at the studios of what is today the local NBC affiliate, KCRA channel 3, as well as around Reno, NV.

We do not know if this was a TV special, a made for TV movie, part of the Jack Benny Program, etc. Does this sound at all familiar to anyone out there? Of course, our ultimate wish is to see if a copy of the film still exists and if we can obtain a copy.

Best to all,

Frank Diaz
Frank Diaz
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Postby LLeff » Mon Mar 22, 2010 8:34 am

Hi Frank,

I'm not aware of any regular Benny programs that were shot in Sacramento, but there is a bit that was done a couple times that may qualify. Jack is doing an amateur show, and a very refined girl just out of finishing school comes out. She says she wants to break into show business. So Jack lets her start her act, and she begins to sing, then to strip. Jack panics and motions for stagehands to bring out a screen, which they do and put it in front of Jack, then he motions wildly for them to put it in front of her. They do, and she continues to throw clothing over the top of the screen as it is guided offstage.

Send me an E-mail at president@jackbenny.org with your mother's name and I'll see if I can find her in any credits.
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