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This forum is for discussions about the people associated with Jack Benny, such as Eddie Anderson, Phil Harris, Dennis Day, Mel Blanc, etc.

Screen Directors Playhouse

Postby speedy » Wed Aug 12, 2015 5:23 am

Occasionally Turner Classic Movies runs episodes from a show called Screen Directors Playhouse that originally aired in 1955-1956. I DVR it because being nostagically oriented, I enjoy the fact that it often features familiar faces in unfamiliar roles. Or future stars shown early in their careers. A few months ago there was an episode entitled A Midsummer Daydream. It takes place in a "marriage bureau", and features several couples coming in to get their marriage licenses. As I watched the show, I was delighted to see that the first couple was played by none other than Don Wilson and Bea Benaderet. I was hoping maybe couple number two would be Dennis Day and Sara Berner, but no more Benny cast members were to be had.

I always enjoy seeing Don in non-announcer situations. Even after all these years, it's amazing that you can stumble upon Benny alums in roles that you've never seen before.
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