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Dobie Benny

Postby shimp scrampi » Wed Nov 27, 2013 4:38 pm

I know we were all jazzed about Shout Factory's lost Jack Benny episodes collection, but I was also happy that they also recently put out the complete MANY LOVES OF DOBIE GILLIS series which I am getting around to - fun memories of the CBN vintage rerun block from the '80s for me - I wasn't around to see it in its original run.

Anyway, in the special features Dwayne Hickman is interviewed and acknowledges how he knew Jack and 'borrowed' a lot of Benny mannerisms for his portrayal of Dobie Gillis, with some clips demonstrating it to good effect - some "Now Cut that Out!"s and a pitch-perfect exasperated "Zelda!"

Fun stuff.
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