A Jack Benny Review - 1923

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A Jack Benny Review - 1923

Postby Yhtapmys » Sun May 18, 2008 1:26 pm

Orpheum Bill Well Balanced And Attractive
[clipped from the Fresno Bee, April 6, 1923. This follows a review of a character actor's performance of the DeWolf Hopper type]
Swinging to the other extreme we have Jack Benny, who would have you believe that he is a violinist when he first comes on the stage, but, although he does play the violin, it is used, largely to break up his constant line of comedy chatter.
Benny puts over his lines without resorting to the risque stuff which is the only ace that a large number of the monologuists have on their hands. He shows up here and there through the bill and is always good for a laugh. Even when reading the appeal for aid from the National Vaudeville Association, which is collecting funds this week for the needy actor folk he receives a hand. Then he shows up in the final act and adds a touch to the situation. The Orpheum could stand many performers of the Benny type.

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