Jack and the Thief

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Jack and the Thief

Postby Yhtapmys » Wed Aug 10, 2011 11:27 pm

Found this story that shows you how magnanimous Jack was. The young man got 12 month probation, according to a different story. This is from 1961

Arrest of ‘Violin Thief’ Distresses Benny
LONDON, Nov. 8 (AP)—Jack Benny said Wednesday he was “distressed and embarrassed” by the arrest of a stagehand for stealing his violin.
“The violin was worth about $2,” said the American comedian, “and as far as I’m concerned, it wasn't stolen.”
Christopher Butler, 24, told a court Tuesday that he took the violin Monday night as a souvenir. The judge freed him on a promise of good behavior.
Benny appeared at the annual royal variety show Monday night before Queen Mother Elizabeth and the Duke and Duchess of Kent.
“I bought the violin for the sole purpose of throwing it on the stage during the act,” said Benny.
“I threw it on the floor and forgot all about it.”
He said he knew nothing about the stagehand’s arrest until after he had appeared in court. 'It was not disclosed who reported Butler to the police.
Benny said he flew to London without a violin and bought the one for his act after his arrival here.
“My own violin is a Stradivarius and you can be sure that I would never throw it on anybody’s floor,” he explained.
Benny said that when the cheap violin is returned to him he will present it to the stagehand if .he still wants it.
“But he's probably sick of the whole incident by now and I don’t blame him if he is,” the comedian added.

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