The 2004 Jack Benny Collection 5 disc dvd - small review

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The 2004 Jack Benny Collection 5 disc dvd - small review

Postby Guest » Thu Mar 04, 2004 10:58 pm

The first topic mentions that the author wants to get the new dvd collection. Here are a few comments on it.
First - it's all logo'ed/watermarked with "the Jack Benny Collection" usually in the lower right but just when you think you can ignore it it's over on the lower left. With the premium price for dvd and usually the better playback equiment involved one would hope for a picture not defaced, unforunately this set is. On the otherhad, the actual quality of the transfers is pretty good. The Christmas show has poorer audio on most versions (though there are 2 Christmas shows at least and I'm not sure which is which yet); the audio on this set is not the worse by a long shot.
Second, Disc 5 - the hour benny tv show is only closer to 44 minutes which includes commercials. It sure looks like almost all of the McGuire Sisters is cut. They sing abit leaving but not much else. Don't get it for the Mcguires however jack and the chimps IS enjoyable.

Menuing is poor (basically just scene selection), extras are non-existant. No booklet

Since this is a new board I'll just mention the material from SHOKUS video might be a better value/option, although not all of it is on dvd yet - for example, the show that won the writing emmy with E. Kovacs. (and they overcharge for postage)(and there is IJBFC membership discount which I didn't know about until Laura mentioned it other board)

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