Closing the show with "A Great Day"

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Closing the show with "A Great Day"

Postby scottp » Sun May 23, 2004 9:19 am

K-SURF radio (southern California) played the JB takeoff on "It's a Wonderful Life" which shows how the world would have been if Jack had never been born. I guess it's from around 1946. I was surprised to hear "A Great Day" which I think of as Red Skelton's radio theme song, as the closing number by the orchestra. Was this a one time thing or used for a while? I'm sure Skelton had other themes, but this was the one he was using at this time, wasn't it?
A quick search shows the song was performed by Fanny Brice, and written and/or composed by Billy Rose. (Hmmm... when I was a kid Skelton's theme on TV was "Holiday for Strings" by DAVID Rose!)
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