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Jack Benny

Postby benny-allen fan » Thu Mar 04, 2004 3:05 am

:lol: Jack Benny is a great comedian. i don't use the word "was" because to me Jack is still great. i have a lot of items about Jack that i'd never part with that most of the people here probably already have. i'll be buying the DVD set released last month on Jack. whenever i get around to going to Amazon that's one of the first things i'll be getting. i have a Jack Benny cameo appearance on one of Red Skelton's TV programs. Red is talking about his 12th Anniversary on television and then Jack walks out with a plaque of some sort, Red tells him about a local charity and Red says that the organization is honoring people who have GAVE the most money to which Jack has Red laughing his head off as Jack hilariously covers up his misunderstanding of what Red had earlier told him: the joke was that Jack had thought Red was meaning that the charity was honoring the people who SAVED the most money! Jack presents Red with the award and Jack reminds the audience and the viewers at home that "right after this, i come on with a very funny show" and then he pauses, looks at Red, and snaps something like "give me that back" and he strolls off with Red's award.
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