Peter Lorre with Jack Benny

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Peter Lorre with Jack Benny

Postby Kubelsky1924 » Mon Apr 02, 2012 4:17 pm

Hello all!

I have a question that maybe U Benny experts could answer. My friend purchased a photo of Jack with Peter Lorre on eBay and she's trying to identify it. The description on the back reads:
“5.  Peter Lorre looked his most sinister self when he was interviewed, but he was hardly considered for the part. He came into the casting office minus a hat and that was sacrilegious to Jack. The thought of any actor playing Jack Benny without a fedora immediately disqualified Peter Lorre for the role.”
My friend asked: "Do you know of any kind of a "Jack Benny contest" in maybe the late 1940s?  The word "September" was stamped on the back, but no year."

I told her about the "why I can't stand Jack Benny" contest in which Lorre was a judge but I thought maybe U guys would know of another one? Any help is much appreciated!

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Re: Peter Lorre with Jack Benny

Postby feekie » Tue Apr 03, 2012 9:50 am

There was a storyline where one of the studios was going to do the life of Jack Benny. Danny Kaye was supposedly being considered for the part (in the radio program). Jack, Danny and the studio head were in a meeting together, and Jack became angry because he wanted to play the part himself (of course) and furthermore he was a bit jealous of Danny Kaye's talent. He later told the gang that the project was off because the writers were not being true to his life story so he told them to forget it. I don't remember any other actors being mentioned that wanted to play Jack in the ill-fated movie. I'm pretty sure Peter Lorre was a guest on Jack's radio program, but I can't remember the plot line.
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Re: Peter Lorre with Jack Benny

Postby Brad from Georgia » Sat Apr 14, 2012 4:14 am

Lorre was the counterfeiter in the March 24, 1946 sketch "I Stand Condemned." It wasn't the only time Jack used this particular device.... :wink:
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