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Posted ByLaura Leff on October 04, 2002 at 14:48:12:

In Reply to: It was a writer, not a performer posted bykurt on October 03, 2002 at 14:23:04:

: Josefsberg was referring to an unnamed comedy writer who had been employed by Jack at one time.
I'd be interested to hear more information about the theory that Quentin was a writer. Let's pursue that line of thought for a moment...

+ I've met, interviewed, an otherwise spoken and corresponded with George Balzer and Sam Perrin. They were both very loving in their words about Jack, and while George can be a very private person, neither of them demonstrated the apparent emotional instability of Quentin.
+ Milt wrote it. Not him.
+ I talked at length with John Tackaberry's son, and am certain he is not Quentin. Moreover, Tack died in the 60s, so saying he wasn't at Jack's funeral doesn't make sense.
+ The book (which I don't have at hand at the moment) says that the person worked with Jack for over something-odd years...I think 25. Hal Goldman and Al Gordon started working for Jack around 1951. So even though they worked with Jack until his death, it couldn't have been more than 24 years. Also Bill Morrow and Ed Beloin worked for Jack from 1936 to 1943. So they're out too. So's Harry Conn, who worked from 1932 to 1936. Probably sold Jack a few vaudeville routines, and might qualify if you stretch the definition to include the Boswell Sisters send-up. But I still doubt it.
+ Who else wrote for Jack? Sy Howard never actually wrote anything. Wedlock and Snyder wrote some stuff, but not consistently or extensively. Al Boasberg died in 1937. So....?????

It wasn't any of the main cast; they were all at the funeral. That includes Frank Nelson and Mel Blanc. Someone gave me the theory that it Mahlon Merrick (musical director), which I thought was good for quite a while. But then I found out that a) Mahlon and Jack were good friends and Jack wrote a good part of his biography at Mahlon's home in Palm Springs, and b) Mahlon predeceased Jack. So OK, throw that one out.


: Josefsberg's stories, by the way, although entertaining, don't always pass the accuracy test.

I have interviewed many, many people to do with the show, and I have asked just about all of them if they know who Quentin is. Either it's a mass conspiracy, or no one knows anything. Recently I talked with some people who were close to Milt and would most likely know. They, too, had no idea. So I'm really starting to think that the Quentin story is..........fiction.


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