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Posted Bybill powers on September 30, 2002 at 20:59:19:

In Reply to: Jack Benny and Smoking posted byScott on September 27, 2002 at 20:54:51:

: Hi! Here is a question that might never be answered. As Jack Benny got older (yes, past 39), and probably realized the dangers of cigarette smoking, did he ever have any regrets he had Lucky Strike as a sponsor because perhaps several people were influenced to buy the product. Now, during the era the shows were aired, I doubt many people knew the dangers of cigarette smoking as we do now. Mr. Benny lived long enough to know about the Surgeon General's reports. Being a non-smoker, it is almost amusing for me to hear the Lucky Strike ads on Mr. Benny's shows because they tout how smoking a Lucky will make you "less tense" and "relax" you. Yeah, right! Thanks for your insight! -- Scott

Actually, I think that there is considerable scientific evidence, as well as anecdotal evidence to suggest that cigarettes may well have anxiolytic properties, both physiologic and psychologic. I, for one don't think anyone associated with cigarette sponsorship has anything to be remorseful over.. Tobacco was a staple crop in the founding of this country. Many jobs were created in the sale, promotion and sponsorship of this product.. An argument can be made that there are many many popular products sold that may be less than healthful . Society tends to villify some and not others. My readings would suggest that tobacco risks were apparent in the 19th century.

No doubt, tobacco is unhealthful; 1/3 smokers will succumb to a smoking-related affliction. Still, it was and is a legal product and I, for one, miss the tobacco manufacturer advertising tho I am a lifelong nonsmoker myself.

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