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Posted ByTanya Shaw on September 12, 2002 at 21:39:44:

My husband Jon and I have come to the point where we
quote Jack and/or the gang almost every single day when
we're talking to each other. It's so much fun!
Just the other day I needed a match to light
something and Jon said, "Can't you just use a red hot
penny?"! (That was a Rochester quote from the episode
when Jack wins $640,000 at the race track). We talk like
this every day....it's funnier when we crack JB quotes
in front of other people and they have no idea what we're
talking about! Yet there we stand laughing like loons!
Our favorite quote to say in front of family (that gets
us the strangest looks) is when Jack and Phil banter
back and forth about Rodney Dangerfield's western (dated
Dec. 21, 1941): Phil: "You'd better not [squeal] or I'll
have to drill you, a bang! a bang! a bang!" Jack: "Well
I'm the sheriff around here, a bang! a bang! a bang!
a a bang!". Now you know why we get the strange looks!
;-) Have any of you quoted JB and the others on a regular
basis? What are some of your favorites? Another favorite
of mine is "What a perforrrrrrrrrmance!".

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