Re: What Was Keefe Braselle's Problem?

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Posted ByDavid M. Lynch on July 23, 2002 at 20:43:18:

In Reply to: Re: What Was Keefe Braselle's Problem? posted byGerry O. on July 23, 2002 at 07:00:51:

: Jack himself didn't even know what Keefe Braselle's problem was!

Yeah, I read that, in one of the Jack Benny bios. I was just hoping that in the intervening years, someone (possibly from Brasselle's side of things) had shed light on the subject. It's a pretty sure bet that Jack never did anything mean, or spiteful, to Brasselle!

: David, you may have a soft spot in your heart for Brasselle, but frankly he DROVE ME NUTS! I have a video of a 1950's "Colgate Comedy Hour" TV show that he hosts, and he makes Jerry Lewis look like a shrinking violet! He bursts on stage with this pushy and obnoxious "Hey World, look at me! I'm Mr. ShowBiz! Aren't I GREAT?" attitude, and it doesn't get any better as the hour wears on.

Well, keep in mind that my early exposures to him were just that, "early" exposures! Once, at age six -- and as I implied, I was more interested in the French blonde, Noelle Adam -- and about five years later, when I first saw "The Eddie Cantor Story" on TV. Watching that now, I cringe a bit at Brasselle's over-the-top take on Cantor.

So, you saw Brasselle on the "Colgate Comedy Hour?" The same one Cantor hosted on a revcolving basis? Wonder if it was a tie-in promo with the film...

I suppose the jealousy angle makes the most sense. Brasselle seems to be the type to blow his grudges out of proportion, which is why he wrote the thinly-disguised attack on CBS, "The CanniBalS," in the first place.

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