New JACK BENNY TV Shows Now Available On Video!

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Posted ByGerry O. on July 22, 2002 at 04:39:39:

This IS exciting news! I've just received my new volume of 4 half-hour JACK BENNY TV shows from Shokus Video (JACK BENNY, VOL. VI), and I'm VERY pleased with it!
For years we've been seeing the same Benny TV episodes being recycled from video company to video company (the show where Bob Hope guests and Martin & Lewis do a gag cameo, the show were Jack has an all-star jam session at his house, etc.). However, this new volume features episodes which I have never seen advertised before.
All four shows are from the 1950's...the first two are early filmed episodes (but ones which I have not seen in the syndication TV package) and the last two are live broadcasts from Television City in Hollywood.
Here are the shows:

1. 12/8/53. Guests are Irene Dunne, Vincent Price and Gregory Ratoff.
2. 2/7/54. Guests are Mary Livingstone and Joan Benny!
3. 10/23/56. Guest is Art Linkletter. (This show features Jack, Don, Rochester and guest Peggy King dressing as children to join Art in a HILARIOUS spoof of "Kids Say The Darndest Things"!)
4. 10/23/55. Jack goes to the Beverly Hills Police Dept. to report his stolen Maxwell. (This is a LIVE version of a sketch that Jack remade as a filmed show in the 1960's).

Video and audio quality on these shows are EXCELLENT, and they're available on either VHS or DVD.
Here's Shokus' web site address:

This message is NOT intended to be an advertisement...I have absolutely NO connection with Shokus Video, except as a long-time customer. I just wanted to pass this info along to my fellow Jack Benny fans so everyone would know that it's available.

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