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Posted ByMaria on July 19, 2002 at 10:18:36:

In Reply to: Re: Who IS That Man???? posted byLaura Leff on July 16, 2002 at 19:05:15:

: : I don't know about the other Benny show characters, but I think that an ornament of Jack, dressed in a suit, wearing horn-rimmed glasses and playing the violin would be INSTANTLY recognizable....Oh well, at least it would be to US!
Now a Phil Harris ornament (which, Laura, you conveniently forgot) would be INSTANTLY recognizable. At least to me. :)

: True. My apologies if my previous post was a bit abupt...that's what happens when your boss walks in to your office and wants to talk.

: Jack is visual and recognizable. You could do a series just on him, playing the violin, hand on one cheek, hands on either side of the face, with him talking to the mugger holding a gun on him, etc.

: But the rest of the cast is a little harder to do. How would a Mary ornament look? What about Rochester (and could you be PC and put him in an apron)? And what would distinguish Dennis and Don from looking like a young guy and a heavy-set guy?

: I guess I also think of looking at the figures on the base on the Waukegan statue and debating with Dan as to "Who/what is that?" "I guess that's Mary." "Maybe it's a woman laughing at the show." "'s probably Mary." That's not a comment on the quality of the art, just that there aren't specific visual cues like Chaplin's moustache or Moe Howard's hair.

: Now the MAXWELL...I'd buy one of those ornaments. And I'm Jewish.

: --LL

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