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Posted ByAdam on June 03, 2002 at 16:38:14:

In Reply to: Re: Rochester ad libbing? posted bykurt on May 10, 2002 at 20:49:23:

: Having listened to most of the live shows tha are around, I'll venture an opinion:

: Nope. Anderson never went out of character. He sometimes blew a cue, or blew a line, for which Jack always had an ad-lib, but he never stepped out of character or made his own ad-lib That would have been unprofessional.

: No one on the Benny program ever stepped out of character, which is why people to this day believe Phil Harris was a drunk.

: Mary most often blew her lines ("Chiss Sweeze sandwich" and "grass reek" are famous, but those were on the taped shows, not the live ones!) Rochester muffed his lines on occasion, and I've heard shows in which Don Wilson and Kenny Baker either muffed their lines or missed a cue. Sometimes Jack did, too, although on a couple of occasions, I think he did it to get a laugh.

: I've not heard any programs in which Dennis Day, Frank Nelson or Mel Blanc accidentally blew a line, muffed a cue or made an unscripted ad lib.

As for Dennis Day, he would occassionally trip on a cue to which Jack would usually respond to by stuttering the straight line back to him.
And Frank Nelson had a classic moment once. At the top of the show where Don and Jack would banter, Don mad a reference to Drew Pearson (a well known news corespondant of the time) and pronounced his name "Pear Drewson".
Later in the show when Nelson enters a bit Jack feeds him the clssic, "Oh, you again!", Nelson responds with "Who did you think I was, Pear Drewson?!"
I don't know for sure if this was unscripted or whether it was handed to Frank by the writers after the Don's flub. But the timing and delivery of the read was VERY funny.

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