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Posted ByGary on April 18, 2002 at 01:30:30:

In Reply to: Re: Visualize Word Space posted byGerry O. on April 13, 2002 at 13:51:46:

For me, the visual is fluid.

Of course, that is the beauty of these radio shows..we think that we are visualizing it one way, and then something happens to change the image. I think it is these "visual puns" which I enjoy the most. I remember one episode where Jack and Mary are out walking when they run into Little Timmy (or is it Jimmy?) and his friends playing football. Timmy throws the ball to Jack and you hear him say:

Ooops I throw it too far...

you'll have to run for it...

Wow, what a catch!

And Jack says, "That was a good catch (pause) I have to hand it to you Mary."

Anyway, just like that, my image of the variety shows change during the show. I think it starts with Jack and Don standing at a curtain before an audience (ala Johnny Carson), then, as people enter, I imagine several microphones. As people drop in and out of the conversation, I picture chairs (ok, stools) behind them. Then, a knock at the door changes everything and they are now inside a closed studio with a door, furniture, microphones, and so on.

Funny, one would think that the amiguity of the scene would be troublesome, but I honestly find that it makes the experience more enjoyable. After all, what other medium allows a set to morph and transform at my own imagination's whim. Everything else is so static.

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