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Posted Bykurt on April 17, 2002 at 19:22:45:

In Reply to: Jack Benny's Stance posted byPapa Mo on April 17, 2002 at 18:13:52:

I've never heard about that stance being verboten in political circles or in any other group.

One story says Jack put his hand across his cheek at first because Mary had scratched his face during some sort of outburst.

Another says that's the way he stood when he wasn't holding his violin and had nothing else to do with his hands.

Jack's stance on stage was deceptive. His feet were together, but he generally leaned far back from the waist. There are photos of him in radio standing the same way. On anyone else it would look affected, but if you look closely, you see that he's firmly planted on stage the way a vaudeville headliner should be! You can't not look at him!

Jack's stance, and famous walk, like Bob Hope's was "borrowed" from Frank Fayversion says Jack : To all of you JB radio listeners and TV watchers: Is there any one of you who knows why the Jack Benny stance of arms folded against the chest w/one arm up and two fingers on the cheek is verboten @ any political gathering when talking or listening to someone in a group?
: In political circles it is known as "doing a Jack Benny" and is considered a faux pas of the first order, and you will never be taken seriously in politics again.
: All I know is that when JB was asked once by someone why he put two fingers against his cheek instead of one, he's reported to have responded, "Two's funnier."
: Ole Papa Mo would appreciate an answer, if someone has the answer or if someone knows where I might find the answer.

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