A Hope-Benny Follow-up

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Posted ByGerry O. on February 09, 2002 at 20:06:10:

In Reply to: Bob Hope Parody - 4-16-44 posted byMark Monroy on February 09, 2002 at 17:42:55:

: Hi all,

: I've managed to find nearly every episode of the Jack Benny show in MP3 (well, at least those from 1936 or 37 on), but one episode I've never been able to find is a parody of the Bob Hope show from 1944. Apparently it was pretty riotous, with Dennis Day doing a flawless Jerry Colonna impression.

: Anyway, I was wondering if anyone out there could share this episode. Note: There was a mislabeled MP3 floating around with this date and title, but is actually a Lucky Strike program from 10 years later. The one I'm looking for is one of the last Grape Nuts Flakes shows. I'm certainly willing to trade, although I don't know if I have anything particularly rare.

: Mark

Mark, I've never heard the Benny show where the cast parodies Bob Hope's program, but I've been searching for it ever since I read about it (I forget where).
An interesting side-note: The Benny spoof of Hope's show was so funny and so successful that a few weeks later Hope parodied Benny's show on the Hope program...and it BOMBED! Hope talking slow like Benny, and Jerry Collona "imitating" Dennis Day and Vera Vague "imitating" Phil Harris weren't HALF as funny as Benny trying to talk a mile-a-minute to sound like Hope, as well as Dennis Day ACTUALLY IMITATING Jerry Collona, and Phil Harris "dragging it up" as man-crazy Vera Vague.
It was definitely one of those situations where the parody worked beautifully one way, but not the other.

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