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Posted ByGerry O. on December 09, 2001 at 11:34:17:

In Reply to: Re: Something I've always wondered about posted bykurt on December 08, 2001 at 17:35:32:

: The bald guy who bumped his head on the counter in the 1943 shows guest-hosted by Orson Welles is Bill Morrow, who, along with Edmund Beloin, co-wrote Jack's programs from 1935-43. Ed Beloin, by the way, invented, and was the voice of, Mr. Billingsley, Jack's crazy boarder. At least once, Beloin appeared as Mr. Billingsley after he and Morrow stopped writing the program. After he left Jack, Bill Morrow became better known as the producer of Bing Crosby's radio programs.

: Beloin and Morrow have never received the recognition they deserve for their contributions to the Benny program. Jack's character, and the format for the program, were first developed by Harry Conn, of course, and the writing staff from 1943 on has deservedly been lionized, but Morrow and Beloin developed the characters of Phil Harris, Mr. Billingsley, Rochester, Dennis Day and Carmichael. To name only a few! But nothing has been written about them. When Irving Fein wrote his book about Jack, he gave Morrow and Beloin short shrift because he, after all, did not join Jack until 1947.


It should also be noted that Bill Morrow and Ed Beloin were the guys who really started the idea of taking Jack's show "out of the radio studio" and creating sitcom-like situations in different locations....Jack's home in Beverly Hills, department stores, movie studios, race tracks, etc. They also created some unique mixes of the two formats....For instance, the show will start out as a "stage variety show", but Don Wilson will announce that Jack hasn't shown up at the studio yet, and everyone is wondering where he could be. Then the stage setting "fades out" and we hear Jack and Rochester in the Maxwell, with Jack worrying about being late for the broadcast. This creative use of mixed locales was developed by the Morrow-Beloin writing team, and was carried over to the later team of writers.

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