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Posted ByWalt on November 07, 2001 at 19:04:30:

In Reply to: Copyrights and JB shows posted byTEADJones on September 21, 2001 at 13:17:21:

: Hey, all,

: I was looking at my Radio Spirits JB cassettes and noticed that some are copyrighted by someone name simply "Zachary" and some are copyrighted by "Marvin B. Meyer". I was curious to know if anyone knows who these people are and what their relationship is/was to Mr. Benny.

: Also, before becoming an IJBFC member, I tapped the commercial markets as much as possible for shows on tape, collecting 376 episodes, from AVPRO and RSI (and a few from Metacom, GreatTapes, and AIC). I am in the process of creating a statistical analysis (including quality) to be posted here. It appears, though, that producers using the CEDAR audio "cleaning" system (like RSI and for that matter, I believe also the hon. J. Haendiges) are generating the best quality products.

: I also wish to avoid monopolies, and suggest a solution:
: The products should be offered in two "states", each a different "product": One "cleaned" by the big production houses (and costing more to produce and purchase), and one "raw" for the collectors (this is the product known for years through trading).

: As we collectors can afford to replace our raw copies with cleaned copies, we would then gradually make purchases from the big guys. And only the big guys would use chains stores to market their product, giving them the lion's share of the general consumer market.

: What do you all think? Thanks.

: Regards,

: TEADJones

I believe many of the best sounding shows are coming out of the ranks of the collectors/dealers -- not the "big guys". Many of these dealers are constantly cleaning up the sound to the best the technology allows when they receive tapes. I've dealt with a few of them. Although they can't fix shows that are really messed up, they can clean a lot of the hiss, pops, and such out of the shows, as well as equalize the sound for easier listening.

So, I think we're there already!


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