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Posted ByWalt on November 07, 2001 at 18:10:16:

In Reply to: More On "Radio Spirits" posted byWill on August 19, 2001 at 19:17:35:

: Carl Amari and his "Radio Spirits" cartel has RUINED the hobby of collecting old-time radio!

I disagree. RS is a business and as such needs to make a profit. They are effective at getting people interested ins OTR and anyone that wants to become a collector can certainly find alternate sources.

My collection started with two orders from RS. I then found another outlet and in two years had about 1000 to 1500 shows, maybe 50 from RS. Then I found trading a few years later and went from about 2500 to 4500 shows in about a year -- RS accounted for about 150-200 shows by then. Without RS, I may have never discovered collecting. But, as you can see by my numbers, they were never a favorite outlet (because of price) but they certainly had (have) their place.

:We used to have the choice of buying shows from a variety of companies depending on their sound quality, turnaround time, personal service, etc. However, Mr. Amari now has a virtual monopoly on the whole OTR hobby. I was absolutely SICK when I found out that Amari had bought out Radio Yesteryear, a company which I had done business for DECADES!

We still do have a choice, and RS has absolutely no monopoly at all! He has nothing in his catalog that cant be purchased elsewhere or traded for. What about GAA? They put out a lot! See below for other options.

:Radio Spirits has poor, impersonal (sometimes even RUDE) service and butchered shows....Many of their programs have commercials, musical numbers or closings deleted or replaced from other broadcasts, just so they can fit the material on shorter cassettes and CDs.

I've found only 2 tapes that seem "butchered", and it may have been because that's how they received them. Don't blame RS for shows that were butchered before RS was a company! Many of these shows were chopped in the 60's and 70's by collectors.

:Also the company syndicates that terrible "When Radio Was" series, and tries to make it like THEY indeed own the rights to all old radio programs.

Here I agree to a point...

:People get all bent out of shape over Bill Gates and his so-called "Microsoft Monopoly"...Well, Gates is NOTHING compared to Amari and HIS monopoly! Oh well, the hobby was fun while it belonged to the collectors!

I'm a professional in the computer industry, and believe me, RS is NOTHING compared to Microsoft (M$)! As I said, ALL of RS offerings are available elsewhere for 60% of the cost or less. M$ has in fact held the computer industry back with their Windows OS and other programs. (Linux utilized the power of the 386 processor years before M$ did, the pentium came out before that happened!) Yes, there are other options in the computer industry for the knowledgable few, but not for the masses.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying I really like RS, but if you think THEY messed up the hobby, you simply don't know where to find OTR. Start with the dealers listed at and the traders at for new outlets. Email me for additional options.


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