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Posted ByGerry O. on November 05, 2001 at 21:19:20:

Earlier we discussed Dale White and his portrayal of Don Wilson's son Harlow. That reminds me of something that I've wondered about....
There's an episode of Jack's TV show where practically the entire story is centered around Don Wilson, his wife Lois and their son Harlow. It's all about Harlow getting fixed up on a date and then thinking that he's a real ladies' man. Most of the action takes place at Don's house, and Jack Benny is hardly in the show at all. He's in it a little at the beginning of the story, and a little at the end, but MOST of the show features Don, Lois and Harlow.
Could this have been a "pilot" show for a proposed spin-off sitcom starring Don Wilson, Lois Corbett (Don's real-life wife) and Dale White? The episode reminds me of those "All In The Family" spin-off pilot episodes where the Bunkers would only be in a short portion of the episode, and then the rest of the action would center around Maude or The Jeffersons.

Does anyone remember this "Wilson Family" episode of Jack's show...and is there a "possible spin-off" story behind it?

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