A REAL "Cheating Husband"!

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Posted ByChaz on August 20, 2001 at 13:00:10:

In Reply to: Cheating Husbands posted byJohn L. on August 18, 2001 at 23:45:04:

Do you know who was a REAL philandering husband? OZZIE NELSON! Yup, "Good Ol' Oz"! I've heard and read that he was even hornier than Desi Arnaz! Do you know what Ozzie used to do? When son Ricky was a teen hearthrob, Ozzie used to have the kid "pimp" for him...to actually get Ozzie young girls! How sick is THAT? No WONDER Harriet chain-smoked!

: The last few years have been very depressing for me. After YEARS of thinking that the "Grand Old Men Of Comedy" were deeply in love with their wives and were faithful to them, I find out in recent biographies (both in print and on TV) that most of these guys couldn't keep it in their pants! George Burns cheated on Gracie with countless starlets and showgirls, Eddie Cantor cheated on Ida (with JOAN DAVIS no less...YUKKK!) and God-knows who else....and the most painful of all...Jack Benny cheating on Mary with Giselle MacKenzie! These guys were all a bunch of phonies...They spent years talking about their endless love for their wives in public, but they were all philandering PIGS! At least the comedians of today don't try to fool their audiences with a holier-than-thou public image! I'm sorry to bring this unpleasant subject up on a forum which obviously idolized Jack Benny, but I feel that it MUST be said!

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