Carl Amari? LOL

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Posted ByMichael on August 13, 2001 at 16:57:07:

I am "new" to otr online.

I am wondering what Mr. Carl Amari is trying?
He seems to claim he has exclusive rights to programs.
Though the US Copyright office has no record of a Jack Benny Radio Show copyright. In fact Amari or his RSI is not listed has holding a single copyright.

I am wondering if Amari is an adult with a teenage mind? He seems to think because someone that once owned a copyright signs a contract that he can sue. He is wrong. First there is no listings for these shows in copyright offices, therefore the signers have no rights to enter into an agreement.
He also seems to claim the 1978 amendments as rights to the shows, but the fact is that broadcasting is a form of publication, there for the copyrights were assigned at the time of broadcast. To prove this simply show a case in the 1932s to 1950s where a radio show owner sued another person. You cant sue someone unless you claim copyright.

Also he seems to think he has no need to publicly produce a list of shows he is claiming, simply put, I think he is trying to flim flam millions of people.

If he ever sues he will have to provide ALL persons that signed contracts with him, since by law he CANT sue on their behalf.
It seems more and more that RSI is trying to scare people from competing.
If he ever enters into a court he also subjects himself and his business to scrutiny of wether they have practiced illegal marketing. There are laws about claiming property rights. He can not simply provide a contract and turn to you and say "Prove it wrong". In almost all cases he is the one that will have to prove the signatures are legal.

Also the fact that these shows were taped, sold, traded, ect. for a good 20 years before his claims, mean that the owners of the original copyrights never enforced them. This of course could mean a judge could nullify any claims to a copyright, and place ALL pre 1950 OTR shows in public domain.

I am not a lawyer, but I have been very interested in copyrights and laws, since I write programs and am interested in protecting them.

I believe either,
Mr. Amari is trying to scam millions of people
Mr. Amari has set a record for being taken by people that have no legal rights to a copyright.


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