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Posted Byjerry4opry on February 21, 2004 at 06:55:20:

In Reply to: Re: Interesting Discussion on Rochester posted byBrad on February 20, 2004 at 19:57:32:

: 'Course, you don't see the "fat" humor a la Don Wilson anymore, either. Times change, but the reason for the change I think can't simply be written off to "political correctness".


i think political correctness is the root of everything bad. i'm all for treating your fellow man right...but in a piece of fiction, whether it's suppose to be taken as "real" or not, i hate hearing about a writer being held hostage by what is called the "PC Police". i just think PC has been pounded into too many people's brains and unfortunately people who aren't politically-correct are called the "bad guys" when all i want is freedom to say what i want and NOT have some special interest group breathing down my neck jumping on something trivial and blowing it way out of proportion because someone may get offended. ethnic humor and all the rest can be hilarious because it's based on a stereotype and NOT something real. when i listen to Fred Allen's show, i don't cringe when i hear Ajax Cassidy and his drinking jokes or hate it when Senator Claghorne makes yet another insult about us Yankees. to me, that's funny because it's not real. it's based on a stereotype, used comedically and not meant to be taken seriously...but the PC people take it seriously and make big deals over trivial things. i'll probably go and see Mel Gibson's new movie (or watch it when it comes to TV) and when i do see it, i'll bet anyone that i won't become Anti-Semetic like the PC people think will happen to anyone who sees the movie...a racist going into the film will be a racist when he leaves the theatre; an open-minded person like i am will still be open minded after i see the movie. i just don't get worked up over things that the PC people try and make a big deal...i'm a very low-key person as you can tell! :) LOL!!

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