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Posted ByGerry O. on February 17, 2004 at 12:47:37:

In Reply to: Joan Benny and Other Cast Members' Families posted byScott D. Vroegindewey on February 17, 2004 at 12:08:32:

: I enjoyed reading Joan Benny's book about her father. I wonder if any of the other (post 1940) main cast members had children (I think Dennis Day had several and Phil Harris had at least one)? Did they mingle with each other because of their relationship of their fathers to Jack Benny, or did their own thing? And what about the cast members' wives? Several times during the shows, wives are mentioned, particularly Alice Faye. I heard one program recently in which Mrs. Wilson pinch hits for Don, and does a great job, if it was indeed her. Dennis and Rochester are supposed to be single, but were not in real life. Do the children (assuming the wives have passed away) get together? Thanks. P.S. I know you are "up to your eyeballs in research," Laura, so there is no rush to respond to this post.


Phil Harris and Alice Faye had two daughters named Alice and Phyllis. (On Phil and Alice's radio show the daughters were played by young professional radio actresses).

Dennis Day had a large tribe of children...Not quite like "Cheaper By The Dozen", but CLOSE!

On Jack Benny's 20th TV Anniversary special, Jack did an "airport" sketch (actually a modernized version of the old "Railroad Station" routine), and at the airport he happened to run into Dennis and his family.
Jack supposedly hadn't seen Dennis in years, and Dennis introduced his large group of children to Jack one by one....after which Jack said, "Well...I WAS going to ask you what you've been doing, but never mind!"

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