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Posted ByGerry O. on February 14, 2004 at 20:05:36:

In Reply to: More on Jell-O Ice Cream posted byLL on February 14, 2004 at 19:44:12:

: A bit ago there was a good exchange on ice cream made by Jell-O. On a couple of shows (5/3/36 and 5/10/36), you can hear an announcement made specifically for New York-New England area listeners about a "new product" called Jell-O Ice Cream Mix that was being released in that area in six flavors (including tutti-frutti).

: However, in the back of the 1937 "Jack and Mary's Jell-O Cookbook", there are two products listed for making ice cream. One is Jell-O Ice Cream Powder, and the previously mentioned product had become Jell-O Freezing Mix (with the six flavors and tutti-frutti still intact). Why have two products for making ice cream, even some flavors overlapping (e.g., vanilla, chocolate), and divide the market?

: --LL


Maybe (uh-oh, here I go with my crazy theories again!) the two ice cream products differed in their ease and final results.

Maybe the ice cream powder required more work but ended up tasting more like real ice cream, while the freezing mix was quicker and easier, but didn't taste as good.

It could have been like coffee...You have "regular" coffee and you have "instant". The "instant" is a LOT quicker and easier to make, but doesn't have that real "coffee" taste the way that "regular" brewed coffee does.

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