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Posted Byjerry4opry on February 12, 2004 at 17:43:05:

In Reply to: Re: The Blue Fairy and Political Incorrectness posted byUK Pete on February 12, 2004 at 15:06:24:

I think we should all be a lot less concerned about Political Correctness in humor. Over here in the UK, Political Correctness itself is largely regarded as a joke these days. A few years back there was a very popular program aired on TV over here called "Till Death Us Do Part". It's main character was a racist bigot and week after week racial monorities were mercilessly pilloried by him, especially the Irish. Well, my father was Irish and I can assure you that no one laughed louder than him at these "slurs" and that's the whole's humor we're talking about here. It's just designed to make us laugh and if we can forget all the PC propaganda we've been fed over the years that's exactly what we'll do. If we could all just learn to relax and simply laugh, there'd be a lot less ulcers around.


i totally agree!!! PC has made the slightest joke or whatever, become examined under the microscope of BS. somehow it's not alright to tell jokes about ethnic types, people's looks, people's religion, social status, etc. everything now has to be PC and it doesn't need to be. "Til Death Us Do Part" became the American version of "All in the Family". TV Land still runs the show because people understand the humor. but that's a double edged sword. humor back then is offensive to almost everyone now! i've listened to Jack Benny's radio shows and watched his TV shows, i see nothing wrong with Rochester's depiction. "Maude" had a black maide named Florida Evans that spun-off to "Good Times" in 1974...the "Jeffersons" who were black, ALSO had a black maide. "Soap" had a black butler, "Benson", and that was from 1977-1979...yet, if a TV show debuts now that has a black man or woman in that servant position, all heck breaks loose because the PC police read too much into things and start trouble. Political correctness is in the dictionary i bought a year ago. it's definition is: something that isn't offensive to special interest, there you have it. a bunch of whining people in the minority no less is running the show and it makes me mad. the last time i checked, the majority ruled...or so that's what a democracy stood for!??!

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