Jack Benny (and Bob Hope) Performing on Anthology Shows

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Posted ByGerry O. on February 05, 2004 at 22:27:53:

Whenever I hear Jack Benny playing a different part on an anthology program like "Lux Radio Theatre", "The Ford Theatre", "The Hallmark Playhouse", etc., I'm always impressed at how disciplined he is, and how he seems to be taking his portrayal very seriously (even in a comedy).....

While I admire the talent of Bob Hope, he always drives me NUTS whenever HE appears on these anthology programs....He CONSTANTLY "breaks character" and throws in then-modern, topical jokes and references, which completely RUINS the illusion of the character and story...particularly if it's a "period" story taking place in the Old West or some other time.
He may be starring in a radio version of a famous film or play, but it always turns into "The Bob Hope Show". Sure, Hope gets big laughs on these anthology programs, but it's at the expense of the production at hand...I've NEVER heard this happen with Jack on an anthology program. It impresses me how Jack is able to ditch the "39-year old miser" character when the situation calls for it and actually ACT!

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