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Posted Byjerry4opry on February 03, 2004 at 18:26:50:

Yes, i don't think if Jack's pants were NOT really taken off the audience wouldn't have been laughing their heads off like that! in my own theatre of the mind, when Fred brings out some people who are from the company that's going to press Jack's pants, i get a picture of two burly men strolling in and one holding Jack's arms while the other one rips Jack's pants can tell a sight gag is in place because as soon as Fred announces that Jack's pants will be pressed in honor of him being named King, the audiece roars with laughter...more laughter arrives with Jack's yell: "give me back my pants!". Fred tries to regain control of everything but even he stops talking and the laughter continues as i imagine Jack running around the studio chasing Fred whose running around with Jack's pants...Kenny Delmar tries to read the Tenderleaf Tea commercial and even he has a chuckle in his voice and something HAD to have been going on for the studio audience because bursts of laughter are heard over Kenny's commercial...the show ends with Delmar talking rapidly trying to finish the commercial on time but the show ends with the NBC chimes and that's it! Laughter like that can NOT be done on command or whatever. Like a blooper situation, such roaring laughter is hard to duplicate for a standard joke or routine. Fred once did a show where he kissed Jack Eigen. I believe he really kissed him because they were talking about the difference between radio and TV and the topic of soap operas came up. Eigen said that in radio all a person has to do is make kissing sounds up next to a microphone but in TV people had to actually kiss. With that cue, you hear a kissng sound and the audience roars with laughter.

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