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Posted ByFrev on January 31, 2004 at 01:31:34:

As those who may have read a earlier post of mine, you know that the movie 'To Be Or Not To Be' will be screening in NYC on Jan. 31st. I may be wrong, but of all of Jack Benny's movies, 'TBONTB' is the only one of his films that Jack never made fun of on this radio or TV shows.

Jack has kidded all his other movies, with 'The Horn Blows at Midnight' getting the worst brunt of it, to the point that Jack actually killed his movie career by making fun of it so often. A shame, since 'Horn', while not a classic like 'To Be..' is, it's still a fun little movie. It's too bad that they didn't use the script of the radio version of 'Horn', which in my opinion tells the story much better than the movie script did. Maybe if they had filmed the radio script instead, 'Horn' MIGHT have been regarded as a classic fantasy/comedy along the lines of 'Miracle on 34th Street'.

My theory, which you can agree or disagree with, was that Jack had such a high regard for director Ernest Lubitsch, that he decided to 'lay-off' gags about the movie. The other factor, of course, was the death of co-star Carole Lombard before the movie opened. Though Jack was very modest, he did express great pride in being involved in such an excellent film. In the end, 'To Be Or Not To Be' is a film that deserves its' designation as both a 'classic' and as Jack Benny's best movie.

Getting off my soap box now,


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