Jack Paar and Jack Benny

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Posted ByGerry O. on January 27, 2004 at 23:34:12:

In Reply to: Re: Jack Paar posted byScott D. Vroegindewey on January 27, 2004 at 17:05:27:

: My dad said the public either loved or hated Jack Paar because he would often cry on camera. I saw him interview a tipsy Judy Garland. I don't know if Jack Benny was ever on his show.


Yes, Jack Benny was a guest on Jack Paar's talk show quite a bit. In fact, it was Jack Benny who stopped the nasty feud between Paar and Ed Sullivan (or at least Jack TRIED to stop it)....

At the height of the feud, Jack was a guest on Paar's show and the two of them were chatting pleasantly. Suddenly Jack piped up with, "What's this silly feud that you and Ed Sullivan are having?". Paar was taken by surprise and visibly rattled by Jack's question. Then Jack continued, "You've often credited me with giving you your first big break in radio, haven't you? Well, I have news for you...Ed Sullivan gave ME MY first break in radio...So if it wasn't for Ed Sullivan, YOU wouldn't be here at ALL!".

Some have said that Jack may have breached talk-show etiquette by blindsiding Paar and bringing up such a touchy subject, but Jack just wanted to show the silliness and stupidity of the Paar-Sullivan feud. Both men were good friends of Jack's and he wanted the foolishness to end.

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